Payment methods that caters to your needs

payment methods that caters to your needs

Not all online shopping websites are like Lazada that offers multiple ways of making payments for the products they are selling online. For instance a lot of online shopping websites offer mostly just the electronic means of making payments like of course you got the credit card as the default payment method and then the likes of PayPal that still requires a credit card so to get an account started. I do not have anything against the use of credit cards. In fact I think it is a very convenient way to make a payment online. The only thing that is preventing me from using is the fact that I do not have it, at least for the moment. I used to have a credit card a couple of years ago it was issued by a popular credit card provider in the country.

They allowed me to have a really generous amount of L.O.C acronym for line of credit or what other people would call as credit card balance (these terms are used interchangeably and could mean another thing depending on who is using it, for some it could be the balance that they are still allowed to charge on the card, for the others, it may be construed as the balance that they need to pay on the next due date in order to stay current). The huge amount of credit that was suddenly available at my disposal actually caused more harm than good as I found myself recklessly giving in on impulse purchases, dining out in expensive restaurants and making online purchases just because I can. It was the classic credit card story. I paid the minimum payment for quite some time but then something came up and I ended not having the ability to pay the monthly payments anymore. Finance charges and late fees piled up until the account was shipped out to a collections agency that did not let up in hounding until I told them that I am going to work making the payments out. So finance charges were stopped and I entered into an agreement to pay a certain amount on a monthly basis until all the balances which includes the principal (amount I originally spent), finance charges and late fees are paid up.

That’s the story. So even though I wanted to go online shopping, I can’t do it because I did not have anything to pay the online shopping company with. When Lazada Philippines came along though, I was psyched to know that they offer alternative payment methods that do not require any type of credit cards. The still do offer credit card as a method of payment, however they have another alternative which is the cash on delivery payment method. This payment method as the name implies does not require anything. You simply pay the item delivered to you using cash. It is perfect for people who loves to go online shopping but is being held back by payment restrictions and credit card requirements. Perfect for non-credit card holders like me.





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