Lazada: An online shopping website that gives you what you need

full serviceHave you ever experienced going to a store, say a shop or a department store, you commuted to get there, tackled the unyielding, unforgiving and oh so rough and tumble city traffic, you spent your food money on bus fare only to find out that the item that you want and need to purchase is no longer in stock, that is an absolute bummer right? Okay that is if you are going down the usual way of traditional shopping. A far cry from what online shopping in Lazada PH can offer.

This online shopping company provides the best deals on high quality and premium products right at the comforts of your own home. They have free delivery available, return policy is 14 days which is longer than most traditional department stores and other online shopping companies might offer (which is a testament that Lazada Philippines is fully committed to utmost customer satisfaction) they also offer two convenient payment methods. The first payment method no longer require further introduction as it is the most popular and almost default online mode of payment there is… the credit card. The other one is called the cash on delivery payment in which Lazada Ph is among those online shopping companies to pioneer the offering of this very convenient payment service for online purchases. The online payment through credit card is safe and secured as the website employs the most advanced data encryption software. The safety and reliability of the website is further buttressed by the certification seal that it received from PCI-DSS or Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

This security council was set up to specifically regulate and establish information security standards intended for e-commerce businesses and online shopping companies that take and process customer credit card information online as payment for the goods and services that they offer. I myself have tried both payment methods but I personally prefer the cash on delivery payment because of its very simple nature of transaction and also given my predicament of no longer having an active credit card as I have shut it down and just paying the remaining balance off (finally approaching the debt-free status after so many years of struggling financially). When it comes to product availability and diversity of the online shopping categories, I would say that Lazada’s shelves are always teeming with fresh, new drops that will surely make anyone drool and salivate.

The shopping categories section is packed with items that any type of shopper might need. It is almost a guarantee that they got something for everybody. The categories are: mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, health and beauty, toys and babies, home appliances, consumer electronics, fashion, accessories, books, music, movies, sports, watches, cameras, home and living and many other items that are too many to mention. As to the kind of customer support that they have over the phones? My impression is that they have the best customer service people in the business currently. The representatives are very keen on answering queries, questions and are very reliable when it comes to information. They got everything that one could possibly need and more.


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