Lazada Philippines: Online shopping that is twice as fun

fun fun funfest

If you have not tried online shopping in  then you have not experienced what real online shopping fun is all about. In Lazada, they offer an exquisite online shopping experience that can’t be matched by the average run-of-the-mill small scale online shopping website and retail stores. It is funny because all of the members of the family have gotten totally hooked to online shopping.

Our weekend family bonding used to be like going out to hang out at the mall, shop and dine after going to our church services on Sunday morning. But that practice shifted to online shopping and home-style cooking. Of course, we still go to the church but after the services, we will go straight home, cook lunch and some treats up. We also got chips and sodas. Then we turn on all of our computers, all five of us in the family including mom and dad all have our own laptops which makes it really convenient for us to do online shopping simultaneously. It was like simulating the actual mall shopping that we got so used to be doing (although we still go out occasionally just so we could get a breath of fresh air), it was fun and just right there within the confines and convenience of our own house. The food that mom cooks are great too plus we get to save tons of money by going with this alternative bonding technique. After online shopping, we simulate the movie watching experience at the theatres by popping a DVD into the DVD player or downloading a movie from the internet whichever is faster and watching a film that everyone agrees to watch. Once again it saves us a lot of money, time, effort and it helps the environment too by reducing the carbon footprint that we make since we have reduced our fuel consumption by not driving to the mall every week just to do all of those things I have mentioned above. With regards to what my parents and siblings think of Lazada, they all got rave reviews on Lazada Philippines.

They love how diverse the online shopping categories are. My mom particularly loves the following online shopping categories; home appliances, health and beauty, home and living and toys and babies since we still have a three year old toddler. My dad on the other hand is into sports, consumer electronics, computers and laptops and cameras although most of the time our interests seem to overlap because I am also interested in the sporting and consumer electronics category. It was funny because my dad is more updated than us kids when it comes to the latest in gadgets when it was supposed to be the other way around. That of course works to our advantage though because we no longer have to beg our dad to buy the gadgets that we love because he already proactively purchased it. Unlike our friends who still practically have to beg their parents just so they could get the latest Sony Play Station gaming console release. It is definitely all about fun in Lazada that makes for a priceless bonding moment with the family.



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