Lazada: How to spot a reliable online retail store

how to spotFor every reliable online retailing websites like Lazada there would be a bunch of others that are not. E-commerce websites are dime a dozen these days because of the on-going saturation of the internet almost everyone with some business savvy and knack for computer technology wants to get in on the action and join the seemingly endless internet gold rush. Well they can’t be blamed for trying to get in on the action, for being so gung-ho on trying to cash in on the dot com revolution that is still a revolution in this day and age despite it being unleashed more than a decade ago. Although the internet commerce revolution has been going on for quite some time now, it still feels like the internet was just born yesterday. The internet has produced hordes marauding cyber barbarians that pillages and loots the unsuspecting, fun-loving, immaculately unstained consumerism fiends who are traversing the digital information super highway to simply have a felicitously super-exuberant fantastic time. Luckily the innocent are given the essential skills of defending themselves against the vicious cyber barbarian hordes of contemporary times. The following are no-nonsense ways of spotting which online shopping websites are real and which ones are whack. Perhaps you can also use the same set of skills to identify if that hot little thing who just moved next door is an alien or not.

Here goes some of the reconnaissance methodologies that a fledgling netizen like you can employ…

Http or https? this is the four letter code that precedes the uniform resource locator on the address bar. For those who never had a computer fundamentals class when they were in school, the Uniform Resource Locator is the web address of the website that you are trying to visit. It is also, for some esoterically arcane reasons known as URL. Makes sense?  Anyway if you are to trust an online shopping website, make sure that you go with the one that has the http ending in the letter “s” which means it is secured. Now that makes a whole lot of sense doesn’t it.

Make sure that the virtual company is not too virtual – an online company even though it’s called online needs to have a physical counterpart in the actual world. It basically just means that the company has to have an actual office (you know that huge vertical box with cubicles inside it) once again this one makes sense because a real office is an indication that the company is on to something legitimate.

Certification or seal of approval from a security council – the website must have some seal or something like that which says it is a secured website to shop in. Pretty just like what Lazada Philippines got on their website. They got a PCI-DSS logo displayed on the website that certifies their safety. PCI-DSS is a security council that ensures the compliance of e-commerce and online shopping companies to established security standards set forth by the council.

These are just a few things that a smart online shopper can do to stay safe when shopping online. However, to take out the guessing game, all you have to do is go with Lazada period.




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