Lazada’s easy payment terms turned shoppers into online shopping converts


Most online retail stores will only offer a default payment scheme. The most popular mode of payment that most companies offer regardless if it is local or international is payment by credit card. There is nothing really wrong about that because credit cards are so easy to use, classy as hell and it is safer than ever because of revolutionary data encryption technologies that are now being used by premier online shopping stores. Gone are the days where you have to be paranoid after putting your credit card information out online. Those cases of online fraud are increasingly becoming rare these days. While credit card is good and it makes one appear urbane and sophisticated, the old fashion way of payment using cash is still the most highly touted direction to go.

I recently found out through my sister that there is an online shopping site called that offers both the default way of payment (credit card) and cash on delivery payment. I thought it was great that a local online shopping website has figured out a way to take other forms of payment. I also think that this alternative way of payment helped online shopping to get caught up in the average shopper’s consciousness. It directly helped the popularity of online shopping because people who tend to shy away from it previously are now realizing the wonderful conveniences that it offers. My sister is a prime example of a traditional shopper that turned into an avid online shopping convert. Like any other girl, she loves shopping for new clothes, shoes, accessories and beauty products like cosmetics, make-ups, skin care products and the whole shebang. As we all know, those articles of feminine vanity are so abundant online; there are such a ridiculously massive number of product options available that can be had for a quarter to half of their normal price tags if one will buy from traditional stores.

She was pretty much aware of that, however her being minor (she is only 16 years old) is preventing her from owning a credit card under her own name. That biological hindrance in credit card ownership translates to one thing; it effectively barred her from online shopping. That is until she found Lazada Philippines. Like what was mentioned earlier, the company offers the cash on delivery payment method as an alternative if the online shopper is not a credit card holder. It was a delight for my sister because she can shop for her favorite brands and take advantage of the almost regular deals that Lazada offers and pay for the items the same way she does when she is doing her shopping at traditional shopping malls. Nowadays, it is very rare to see my sister drop by the mall because she can easily get her retail therapy fix from Lazada. The cash on delivery payment method has a very huge impact to her enjoyment of online shopping. It also prompted me to try online shopping in Lazada Philippines too!



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