Lazada: An online shopping website that is worth looking at

shopping-keyboardThe online shopping company Lazada may be new but do not take for granted what this fresh blood can offer. The company is a venture started by the business incubation giant Rocket-Internet. To give you an idea on how vast the Rocket-Internet empire is, I am going to let you in on some kick ass statistics; it officially started as Rocket-Internet in 2007 but it has been doing the online venture building business for more than a decade now, the company headquarters is located in Berlin which is like the Europe’s answer to California’s Silicon Valley. It is where hot shot dot com companies in Europe are created. Rocket-Internet’s vast empire requires them to maintain and operate around 25 satellite offices in all five continents all over the world including the office located in the Makati Central Business District. Now they might only have 25 offices across the world but the company’s operational reins covers as many as 50 countries (twice the number of their current active offices) which only says one thing, this company is really big and fast to boot. The current number of active independent portfolio online companies they currently have is over 75 companies that serves multiple markets, demographics and regions. Since they started in 1999 (although it was not called Rocket-internet back then) they have built more than 100 plus highly successful, highly profitable and top-notch online business ventures all over the world. The workforce that they employ in Rocket-Internet numbers to around 700 employees while the other 20,000 works with their portfolio companies.

As a seasoned online shopper, I would say that Lazada is at par with the best online shopping companies in the business. My online shopping experience in with Lazada is comparable to the online shopping experiences I have had with the likes of, Zappos and others but this time, it is probably much better because this company is local. The close proximity of their location allows them to deliver goods at a faster time frame as opposed to how it is when I was shopping on those international online shopping websites. The website is so much easier to use to and the website interface feels like familiar territory. I mean didn’t you notice how everything is similar to how looks like? There is a reason for that, it’s because this website is supposed to be like the of South East Asia. The proper term for that is a clone. Although it is supposed to appear like the other popular online shopping websites, it features so many unique attributes on its own. Like for instance, the cash on delivery payment system. It is a payment system that you can only find in local shopping websites like Lazada. The online shopping categories are also very diverse and cater to almost every kind of shoppers out there. The popular online shopping categories are: computers and laptops, books, music, movies, toys and babies, mobile phones and tablets, fashion, health and beauty, accessories and many others. That makes for a truly enjoyable and worthwhile online shopping experience.




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