Lazada Philippines: Reliability matters

reliability matters

Reliability does matter most especially if you are to deal with online merchants. If you are not too careful when it comes to who it is that you deal with online then you might be in for some serious trouble. So the big question is (with a gargantuan question mark in bold) how does one know if an online shopping store is reliable? Well you would not know it on the get go by simply visiting the web page. Unfortunately, nice graphics, great color combinations and that flash media presentation are not enough parameters that will let you figure out if an online retail store is reliable or not. One can’t simply take it because of face value. The awesome news is that, there are simple things that you can check out before you fully deal with an online shopping business and you do not need to have the skill of a computer scientist or a programming specialist to be able to perform those basic spot checks. All you need is your current computer savvy, if you tweet a lot, updates wall posts on Facebook, upload videos on YouTube, make your pictures interesting using Instagram then you will definitely fair just fine. However, if you do not want to go through the checking and research that we are talking about then just go to , it is a very reliable website that has the certification logo of the Pay Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI-DSS (well expound on PCI-DSS later on)

Now here are the things that one can do to check for a website’s reliability:

Look for the company physical office address – this one is very basic. A big company without an office address may sound a little bit dubious. The no office set up might work for some small scale online merchants like those people who sell their wares through social networking sites like Facebook but a big retail company that has its own website domain and selling platform is not going to properly work without even a small office. An actual office address somehow provides a reassurance that the business is legitimate and has nothing to hide from its customers. Guess what Lazada has their physical location listed out on the website and I know a buddy who has actually been in the building where the office is located.


PCI-DSS certification – PCI-DSS is a security council formed by Visa International, MasterCard Worldwide, American Express, JCB and Discover Financial Services. The aim of the council is to ensure the safety of consumer credit card information by setting standards on data handling processes and procedures. The council implements periodic security checks and issues a certification seal to indicate that a particular website is compliant with their online safety protocols.


Delivery partners – The backbone of online shopping is delivery so it is very important to know if the company is using a reliable delivery company to facilitate the delivery of the orders. Lazada Philippines is partnered up with the best in the business namely LBC and 2GO.


Those are just a few of the things that you could do for spot checking the reliability of your favorite online shopping website. To have a peace of mind, just hit up Lazada Philippines.


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