Lazada: The best browsing experience bar none

best browsing

During the time when the retail store Lazada was introduced, a lot of naysayers came out abruptly mushrooming up questioning whether an online shopping company of Lazada’s kind can put up with the sluggish e-commerce industry in the Philippines that is dominated by online market or swap meet types of website. Those online market place websites have firmly established their roots in the local industry that it is going to be difficult for anyone to uproot even for an entity with a massive backing like Lazada. That was what everybody thought and that was what I was thinking too. I was skeptical but I was not fully dismissing the possibility that an online shopping website can succeed because I always believed in new ways of doing things.I thought perhaps with the proper timing, the right company and with the support of consumers, an online shopping company can thrive in the treacherous but lucrative local online shopping market.

An online shopping website that is not into online market place dealings has never graced the local e-commerce business environment before. Lazada is considered a break through. It was the first of its kind in the arena of local online shopping. This company offers products and services that have never been offered before by prior online shopping websites that have taken a shot at the coveted position of being the Philippines premier online shopping mall. What made them so special? Well there is really no single reason why Lazada is hailed as the premier online shopping mall of the Philippines. The things that made the company so exceptional and unique are concatenations of different positive attributes that are carefully executed to ensure their quick ascend to online shopping success. It is not all about hyping up, advertisement bombing and plain talk.

Lazada Philippines is all about making things happen and providing what the customers really want from them which is convenient, worry free, stress free and unbridled online shopping experience. Having said that, the company features multiple payment methods that will surely cater to whatever the customer is capable of or whatever the customer’s situation is. Item deliveries are free for purchases that go beyond P1000 and lower shipping rates for item purchases that did not hit the P1000 demarcation. Item returns is of a prime concern in online shopping that is why the company instead of having a seven day return policy decided that for the benefit of their loyal customers that they make it up to 14 days just to give people ample time to test the product out and check for any defects. Why did they do the 14 day return policy instead of the standard 7 days? It is because they are committed to utmost customer satisfaction.In terms of customer service, there is nothing that I could say but positive things about the way Lazada’s customer service representatives handle their customer’s concerns. They are always courteous, has a smile on their voice and very knowledgeable about the products that the company sells online. My experience so far is the best online shopping experience I ever had in the longest time.







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