Alternative payment methods add more value to the Lazada shopping experience

value added

I am starting to realize the convenience and time saving benefits of doing online shopping. I do most of my online shopping in  . It is the first online shopping website where I had my first taste of actual online shopping although I have been using the internet and browsing through a lot of online shopping websites prior to Lazada’s launching some time last year. I have wanted to try online shopping but I have been holding back my plans of getting into it because I did not want to use a credit card to pay for my purchases. I was reluctant to use a credit card online because I was anxious that my personal credit card information is going to be prone to hacking and identity theft. It is kind of scary, well not really kind of because it is definitely a scary thought to have your personal information stolen and used for other unscrupulous activities, on top of that, what I was really anxious about when it comes to that huge business of credit card fraud, hacking and identity theft is of course the unauthorized charges that could be run against your credit card, well that is the main purpose why hackers would want to steal your information, it is not really like they are serial killers who gets the thrill of stalking random people off the internet.

It was mostly because they are really after the credit card holder’s line of credit so they could use it to pay for their own purchases online. Racking up unauthorized charges for me is actually scarier. I could not imagine the feeling of paying using my hard earned money to take care of a stranger’s unauthorized purchase. Even the process of thinking about is already giving me sickening feelings down to my gut and sending unabated waves of shivers down my earthly spine. I told myself and swore that I would only get into online shopping if there is going to be an online shopping website that will offer a very safe, alternative mode of making a payment. The ideal alternative way of payment for me will be of course a payment system that does not involve putting in credit card information online.

That ideal website I was looking for did not come until a local shopping website known as Lazada Philippines came along. The company was dubbed as the Philippines’ online shopping mall because it is one of the first online shopping websites to introduce the online retail concept of online shopping to the local online shopping market that has been dominated for a long time by online market place websites. The best thing about Lazada is they have what I am looking for, a payment system that does not require credit card ownership at all. That mode of payment is called the cash on delivery payment service or what has been traditionally known as C.O.D. It worked well for me because I did not have to worry about anything. All I have to do is place my order, wait for it to arrive and then pay for it using cash. That is value added service that only Lazada Philippines can offer.


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