A technoplegic enjoying the user friendliness of Lazada

technoplegicI love my newly found online shopping mall Lazada Philippines  because of its user friendliness. I am a self-proclaimed and self-confessed technoplegic. I have the tendency to shy away from new gadgets and electronic contraptions hence the term technoplegic. But I do admire boffins from time to time and is amazed at their ground breaking works especially in the fields of science. I am anxious about information technology that is because of the generation I grew up in, I am a baby boomer because I was born in 1957. Baby boomer is a term for a person born between the period of 1946-1964, a period that historians call the post-world war II baby boom, it is a time when there was a sudden surge of babies being born thus increasing the birth rate of countries particularly the western ones. It was a direct result of the stoppage of World War II. That is my background. When I was growing up, there was obviously no Facebook, twitter, Skype and all of those conveniences that the internet can offer these days. All we got was the black and white television, transistor radio, record player and of course the telephone. The telephone was the pinnacle of communication technology during the time. That explains my undeveloped instincts when it comes to computer technology although I already have the basics on point, I still feel a little bit inadequate in terms of my internet and computer skills despite being able to operate, point and click the mouse satisfactorily. Most of the time, I seek help from my grandkids and yes l already have grand kids because my kids married at a very early age.

My grandkids are my technology coach. They were actually the ones who introduced me to Lazada Philippines and showed me around. The first time I browsed around the website to look for some kitchen and dining accessories for my kitchen remodelling project, I was amazed at how easy it was to window shop. Everything was neatly organized and easy to understand. I never had any difficulty reading through the procedures because everything is well-written. All of the possible questions that an online shopping novice might ask are already laid out on the FAQ section and answered as succinctly and concisely as possible. Putting items into the shopping cart is as easy as putting items inside a real grocery shopping cart and proceeding to check out is equally easy as well. The links are not that difficult to find, I mean they are really very easy to find because they are highlighted in subtly bold colors that stand out against the white background color of the website.

The highlight of the entire Lazada online shopping experience is the payment method or rather the payment methods offered on the website. There are two ways to pay for your purchases here. The first one and my preferred method is through a credit card which is very easy for me to do. The other one is payment by cash on delivery that serves as an alternative if my line of credit is already up to its limit. I had a pleasant experience overall because despite me being not so technologically savvy, the user friendliness of the website made my online shopping experience worthwhile and enjoyable.


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