Lazada: A plus on the reliability meter

reliability meterOnline shopping has never been this safe until the online shopping company came along and took over. This company has been around for about a year now but it has been making waves in the industry by being one of the first local online shopping companies to offer a very convenient way to pay using cash. They are one of the progenitors of the cash on delivery payment system in the online shopping industry. Lazada offers a very convenient and stress-free way of online shopping never heard of before in the local scene that has been dominated by traditional online market place type of online shopping. In Lazada, you can find the best prices and deals on computers and laptops, mobiles and tablets, consumer electronics, cameras, home appliances, health and beauty, home and living, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches, travel and luggage, books, music, movies and sports to name a few of their wonderful and brimming online shopping categories.

They also offer free delivery on purchases worth 1000 php up and low delivery prices on purchases worth below one grand, plus they also allow you to return a defective item for up to 14 days. Others can only give out 7 days of return timeframe for defective items but Lazada is different, they put customer satisfaction on the top of their priority totem pole because they are in this business to please and satisfy consumers. I mentioned that they are one of the pioneers of the cash on delivery payment system in the Philippine online shopping industry, that does not mean though that it is the only available means in which a consumer can pay for the items that he or she purchased off Lazada, the company of course, also offers the default payment method for online shopping websites, the credit card payment method. The credit card payment processing system of Lazada is one of the safest in the business and I can vouch for it. I made my research before I dived in and found out that the website is secured and certified by the foremost online payment processing security council called PCI-DSS which stands for Payment Card Industry Data Security Council, a security council formed by the top five financial institutions in the world namely Discover Financial Services, American Express, JCB, Mastercard worldwide and Visa International. PCI-DSS per se is independent of the multitudes of credit card vendors that helped create it.

This council ensures that all websites involved in handling and processing consumer credit card payments and personally identifiable information are in compliance with the regulations set forth by the council. The council guarantees consumers that their credit card information with the certified companies is safe and free from security threats and vulnerabilities. The PCI-DSS logo displayed on the website is a symbol of assurance that a certain website or an online shopping company has gone through rigorous and stringent security compliance certification. When I heard about how secured the company is, I did not hesitate to get in and pay my purchase using my credit card because I know that this is a company that I could definitely rely on and trust with my personal credit card information.





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