Lazada is pure online shopping bliss

shopping bliss2Online shopping is a very fun activity for me; it has been and always will. The joy of online shopping is amplified many times over most specifically if I am doing it in the only shopping mall that I frequent. A company that does not need that much introduction, the online shopping website that I am talking about is no other than . Okay they may not need the typical introduction but I will introduce the company anyway simply because I can and I really wanted to.

The online shopping website Lazada Philippines is one of the few online retail store in the country that has seen a massive, exponential growth within just their first year of doing business, in fact they recently hit the one million sales mark. Imagine one million sales in just the first year of operations. That’s something right? Well that is no surprise because this excellent online retail store is a gold mine of premium products. They offer a very convenient way to purchase things online, free delivery available (on purchases that go beyond 1000 bucks); 14 days return policy and the cash on delivery payment method that a lot of consumers including me are raving about primarily because of its convenience and simplicity. In Lazada, consumers can find the greatest deals and a lot of online shopping categories that are as diverse as the ones that you can find in traditional shopping malls, these categories are books, music, movies, health and beauty, sports, travel and luggage, watches, fashion and accessories, toys and babies, home and living, home appliances, computers and laptops, consumer electronics and the high selling and most looked at category of all, mobile and tablets. If you will notice, the categories are neatly organized in a way that they were very accurate in their item classification. What I am trying to point out is that they did not just bunched up together the items that seems to belong together in under one category like home and living and home appliances. Both categories look like they would fit under the same bill because the items covered in both categories are all found inside a home.

Now Lazada could have just put all of those items under one single category but they did not and they took the time to properly categorize all of the items for the online shopper’s convenience. That alone shows that the company is meticulous and is very particular with details. They put the customer on the top of their priority list by making their website as user friendly as possible. On top of the website being user-friendly, their customer service is also of the highest kind. They have knowledgeable, polite and courteous customer service representatives manning their phones. I have had the pleasure of speaking to one of their customer service representatives and I could not be any happier with the way I was treated. I definitely felt like royalty, the experience was like a virtual red-carpet treatment that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It is pure online shopping bliss.


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