Lazada: An awesome shopping experience

an awesomeI just received the item I ordered from Lazada Philippines and I would say that I could not be any happier. I am ecstatic, exuberant and high-spirited because it has been rearing to get my hands on it for the longest time now. I have been saving up for that beautiful piece of equipment for more than six months. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Mega that I have been salivating and losing sleep over. I don’t know. Maybe I am one of those folks who had been bitten by the Samsung bug. I don’t know what is with Samsung that they were able to cast some sort of magical spell on me. I am not a gadget geek. Absolutely far from it, I do not normally replace my mobile phone if it is still in good working condition.

I am not even into apps and those other conveniences offered by new smartphones although I would like my phone to have standard contraptions like a video camera, standard camera and MP3 player and some lo-fi games (I am not sure if the term lo-fi applies to what I am trying to point out but I would use it anyway because it feels right and it perfectly fits the analogy). Like what I have said I normally don’t buy a new cell phone if it is still in good working condition. I like getting my money’s worth that is why I cling on to my old gadgets and squeeze every drop of useful life from them. But this time it was different, I fell in love with the new Samsung Galaxy Mega on the get-go from the first time I laid my super captivating, highly tantalizing almond shaped black eyes on them for reasons that I can’t fathom nor explain even in general fashion. I don’t know, there is something with the shape, the size and the features of that phone that made me tickle. Having said all of that mumbo-jumbo, I decided to look around online of course to see if I could get a great deal. During the course of my search for my highly sought after smart phone, I chanced upon the Philippines online shopping mall Lazada Philippines.

It was my first time to browse around the website and I can honestly say that I was captivated by the simple yet tasteful website interface. I stayed on for a while to check on other items on their very wide and varied online shopping categories. It was very relaxing to browse and do some old fashioned window shopping to the point that it was almost therapeutic. I found what I was looking for, there it was on the smartphones category, the phone that I have been looking for and it was on some sort of a discount promotion. Before I placed my order, I called the customer service hotline to ask some questions about the product features, the return procedures, delivery charges and all that stuff related to placing and order and carrying out a transaction in general. I was so glad and I want to commend the company for having nice, polite and very knowledgeable customer service representatives on the phone. I have had great pleasure having a conversation and based on that merit, I think I would be a Lazada repeat customer for sure.






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