Easy payment methods for non-stop online shopping convenience

easy payment methodsI first heard of the shopping website Lazada Philippines during the third quarter of last year, I guess during that time, they were just a few months old into their online operation. I was skeptical when I first heard that there is an online shopping website that recently opened which could rival international online shopping brand names such as amazon.com. Like what I have said I never believed it at first because there can be no such thing as an online shopping website similar to amazon.com that would open in the Philippines. It would not thrive here if there is any, well at least that was what I thought back then because I was so into the online market place thing. I was heavy into buying stuff online.

I am a person who dabbles a lot on different kinds of hobbies and I am a collector of stuff too. I collect toys and books. On the toy side of things I into gathering action figures, I would usually look for items that are boxed and sealed on top of being rare. When it comes to books, I look for rare titles and tomes dealing with subjects that traverses the so called off beaten track like new age, beat literature, conspiracy theories, eastern philosophy, militias, cults, cyberpunk and a whole lot of other curiosities that one will not find off the shelves of a mainstream book store.

Plus I am also into bikes, I love putting together mountain bikes from parts that I scoured all over the internet from sellers that let their gear go for almost half of the original price and recently I also got bitten by the cruiser bike bug and started looking up parts to build my first fixie bike. I guess you could justify calling me a hipster or something but I would say it’s different strokes for different folks. What has drawn me into the fixie bike movement is the freedom of artistic expression that you could put into it. You could pretty much do whatever it is that you want in terms of design and colors if you are building such a bike. It is like a painter’s canvass where you could create and channel your creative juices. Now you understand why I am pretty much into the online market place scene. However, I was still looking for a place where I can shop for stuff that you can normally find in a traditional shopping store. I said I never believed at first that there such a website in the country that was because I know that such websites only require credit cards for payments. When I asked my buddy about the method of payment, he told me that Lazada has an alternative way to make payments easier and that is through the cash on delivery payment method. I immediately tried online shopping in Lazada when I heard that I will not be using my credit card to pay for my orders. It was very simple and allows me to enjoy online shopping like how I do with traditional shopping establishments.











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