A copacetic Lazada experience

everytime satisfaction guaranteed

To say that the online shopping experience in lazada.com.ph/ is going to be a major understatement, an unforgivable understatement. To describe the Lazada experience using your average, ordinary run-of-the-mill , mediocre superlatives like fine, great, good, very good, awesome, fantastic, wonderful, superb, okay, acceptable, tolerable and other lexicon uttered on a daily basis during casual, furtive or conspicuous conversations would be totally unfair. In fact the entire shopping experience deserves a far better set of bon mots and I would  personally recommend that if you would be speaking of Lazada and how fantastic your experience was I would say let’s go extravagantly flowery, high falutin if you would.

Let’s go for copacetic. Just can’t help going wax poetic when I am trying to say something about my top go-to online shopping website and I have my reasons. My reasons are well uhmm reasonable of course (pun intended to hit a rawer than uncooked meat raw nerve if that makes sense to you at all) I got to share first my experience about the high level of usability that the company is solidly perched right at this very lively moment. It is so usable, idiot-proofly user-friendly (now that’s a phrase that I just coined, well probably would not pass off as neologism but heck I added something to it, threw in a little dash of suffix to it, put inside an imaginary word grinder, regurgitated it and voila manifested it into this whole new Frankenstein mishmash of lexical hysteria) that probably even folks who are no longer in our realm, I mean I am talking about folks, entities that have ceased to exist and have passed on to the other side well yeah I mean the deceased, the dead, the ones who already kicked the proverbial bucket. I am exaggerating and amplifying my description of the website’s user friendliness by saying that even those vessels of humanity that has life already snuffed out of their beings are still going to have a breeze and browsing would seem like a walk in the park on a lazy Sunday afternoon like an overfed constipated hyena coked up and doped up with tranquilizers.

Alright enough of the phantasmagoria, I am now going to say something real that has happened not saying that what I said prior did not actually transpire but whatever. When my mouse cursor first set foot on the Lazada Philippines web page, I immediately felt a gush of something pleasant, something really comfortable, it felt like home, felt like a familiar turf, a URL that I inhabit around 80% of my waking hours for the past 5 years, not really much on the first two years of its existence but the level of engagement increased as I got sucked in deeper, if you are construing that I am trying to make some analogies to that Mark Zuckerberg brainchild called Facebook then you and I are probably blood brothers because you are right along on my frequency, if you didn’t, then fret not, I ain’t going to make you less of a man. Anyway, the point is, the website thrives on convenience and ease of use. No matter what the mumbo-jumbo was that I unloaded earlier, the fact is that Lazada is totally awesome.







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