Lazada is a one stop online shop

One stop shopThe online store Lazada is a one stop online shop well of course that is just me speaking figuratively. With the exception of food stuffs and grocery items, this online shopping store generally carry everything that you might want out of a traditional department store like SM or Ayala malls. I would like to give you a run-down of the things that you can find on the website if you are considering going online shopping, they have shoes, bags, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, stuffs for your baby, smarthphones, computers, laptops, music players (MP3, MP4’s etc.), tablets, home appliances (small ones and big ones), health supplements, beauty products like lotions, soaps, toners and the like, cameras, consumer electronics, sports gear, books, toys,  movies, consumer electronics, gadgets, gizmos and video games. Now that is not it.That list is merely a quick sampling of what you can find in this fantastic virtual retail store. Plus they do offer fast delivery timeframes for their items at cheaper delivery charges.

Actually delivery is free of charge if your purchase will go beyond one grand and for deliveries below, charge of 99 pesos will be applied to locations outside of Metro Manila, if it is within the Metro then it is going to be just 55 bucks. That alone is a great help and a great benefit by itself. The price is cheaper and the delivery is faster because of their partnerships with the best delivery service companies in the country. They are LBC and 2GO. LBC has been in the business for more than 20 years now and has been the top choice for a lot of consumers while 2GO is a young company that has been put up by seasoned veterans in the delivery industry. I was recently doing some home renovations and that gave me an opportunity to test out Lazada Philippines and the quality of service that they could offer. I am looking to renovate most parts of the house that includes the bathroom, bedroom, living room and dining area as well as the kitchen. Having said that, I would naturally need things to be replaced on all of those areas I mentioned which if you are going to look at it is actually the entire house sans the yard and the garden. The house was built in the 1960’s and has never seen any kind of renovation work or whatsoever save for the replacement of door knobs, handles and locks as well as purchase of new appliances and kitchen equipment. Other than that, everything is still from when the house was first built so things are really old, dilapidated and crumbling. Imagine paints that are peeling and tiles cracking. So I looked around Lazada to get a new refrigerator, bedroom set like full fitted beds, cushions and other bedroom implements, kitchen equipment like gas ranges, cooking utensils and others. Luckily Lazada’s got almost everything that I need on my list with the exception of the concrete and tiles that I need for the floor renovation. I saved time by shopping for everything under one roof. I am lucky that Lazada is a one stop shop.


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