Lazada: Available payment options that makes shopping a breeze

4 easy ways to payOnline shopping used to be an activity that a lot of consumers are almost reluctant to do but that reluctance changed when came into our midst. A lot of people were previously holding back on jumping into the online shopping bandwagon because of the limited means of making payments for online purchases. The default payment method for most online shopping websites before was of course the credit card payment method. It is the most preferred payment method for online retail merchants because of its cashless nature.Cashless payment is of course the only way online shopping transactions can be carried out conveniently on earlier online shopping platforms. So that means the only way for people to shop online is for them to have a credit card. Acquiring a credit card or applying for one is the first step that a prospective online shopper should take before he can purchase anything online.

However, that is no longer the case in today’s online shopping milieu with the advent of different ways of online payments, online shopping has never been this accessible. A payment method that has been most sought after recently is the cash on delivery payment method. Lazada is one of the online shopping websites who first introduced this very easy way of making online payments. I had the chance to try it and it worked perfectly fine for me. I myself once was very reluctant in trying online shopping out because of the limited payment options given by online shopping websites previously. I tried online shopping during its early years and I used credit cards to pay for my purchases. I only stopped using credit cards for online shopping because I had my credit card information stolen once. It was a very traumatic ordeal to contend with and a very stressful situation to go through. It may sound like a simple case but it really was very psychologically draining. Although the amount was not that much, the thing that bothered me was the thought of having something taken away from me. It was a matter of principle so to speak. I have foregone a lot of wonderful online shopping websites because I did not want to use my credit card again after that one fraud incident. I told myself that I will only get my hands on the reins of online shopping if there is going to be a company that will offer an alternative to the e-commerce industry staple payment option.

That was why when I heard of Lazada Philippines’ launching their business a year ago offering payment credit card-less payment options, I jumped in almost immediately no questions asked. I made my first purchase in Lazada without any reservations despite of my previously not so pleasant experience with online shopping because I never had to use my credit card. That is not saying that the credit card payment system of Lazada is not as secured as I want it to be because the company’s credit card payment system is proven to be the safest as they utilize the most updated security systems. So whatever it is that suits your payment needs, you can get it in Lazada.



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