Safe online shopping all the time in Lazada

safe online shoppingA lot of consumers previously have shied away from the idea of doing their shopping online. Most of them were reluctant because of the perceived risks associated with online shopping websites. The looming uncertainty when it comes to receiving the items ordered adds to the perception that online shopping is not safe. Consumers can’t be blamed for that perception though because there have been lots of stories about people getting scammed online, identity stolen and getting unauthorized charges on their credit cards. That was before.

Nowadays, online shopping is as safe as shopping in your neighborhood store. That high level of safety has been made possible by recent upgrades to online security technologies and our very own the Philippines online shopping mall is in the forefront of that online security revolution. The advances in online security procedures definitely brought more people to the online shopping fold. The hesitation and reluctance to go online shopping has been replaced with belief. Because of Lazada’s initiative to make online shopping secured and safe, more and more people are getting into online shopping and realizing its benefits. It has become so accessible that it transcends the economic barrier. What that means is that, online shopping is no longer confined to the upper members of the class A & B demographics but rather spilled over to the C & D segments of the economic strata. Even people who are not credit card holders are eligible to shop and enjoy the discounts and great deals that the company offers because of the cash on delivery payment service which is a very reliable way to pay for their products. For credit card users on the other hand, they benefit from the new advances in data encryption technology, making their credit card transactions safer. Now let’s go to the technical side of Lazada’s security.

The website like what has been mentioned earlier uses the most advanced data encryption technology. Well how can we know if they are really updated in terms of the encryption software? Simple, we just need to look for the PCI-DSS logo which is not very difficult to find on the website. PCI-DSS is an online security council that regulates online companies involved in processing credit card transactions. This council was formed by the top five financial institutions namely Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and JCB. Their job is to conduct periodic audits of online businesses to ensure that all of their security procedures are in accordance and compliant with established financial data handling protocols. An e-commerce website that bears their logo is guaranteed to be free from online security vulnerabilities and threats while websites that do not have it may not be as secured. Online shopping has never been this safe. I have tried using both payment methods, the cash on delivery payment service and credit card. I have nothing but praise for their efficiency and reliability. I am glad that we now have online shopping websites like Lazada that offers not just fantastic value-for-money deals but secured shopping as well.











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