Lazada is my regular online hang out


Traditional shopping malls aside from being a place where you can buy stuff that you need also has another function, a place where people can hang out. I do that all the time before but right now it wasn’t as much as I used to. I love hanging out inside shopping malls because of the things that I could see particularly the things that I could buy.  I am simply very fond of window shopping. It is a good way to pass and burn time without actually spending tons of money. For the past six months I sort of took a hiatus from that activity not because I think that it is not fun anymore but because I found a hang out that absolutely wouldn’t cost me a penny save for the electricity bills and ISP subscription. That new hang out that I am referring to is the online shopping mall Lazada  don’t get me wrong though, of course it wouldn’t replace hanging out in real malls because the pleasure that you get is different for each one. The real mall is more tactile in terms of the pleasure that you will get from hanging out inside.

While on the other hand, the online shopping mall is the ultimate when it comes to convenience if all you are after is to do some window shopping because you definitely do not need to get out of your room to do it. It is available right there inside the comforts of your own home and in front of your computer. You don’t have to spend money for gas or for taxi fare and the best thing about it is that it brings you away from the temptation of junk food consumption which is of course freely available inside the confines of traditional shopping malls where fast foods are a regular fixture. So what can you see inside Lazada/ well there are lots of items on display and around 13 product categories that will surely cater to anyone’s shopping taste. The categories are (I am listing them down here in their order of appearance on the website from to bottom) : Mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer electronics, cameras, health and beauty, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches, travel and luggage, sports, books music and movies.

The company also features a very secured online shopping platform protected by the latest state-of-the-art data encryption technology that is certified by PCi-DSS, a variety of payment options, free delivery available on 1,000 php worth of items and up and customer warranty on the items. The price point is also great because they always have promotional offers going on a daily basis like the Visa Deals and BDO instalment plans that provides a consumer with discounts and zero interest on purchases made using these credit cards. One of the primary concerns of a lot of online shoppers is the warranty because they won’t see the actual product before it gets shipped out to them but fortunately, the company offers up to 2 years of manufacturer’s warranty which is really amazing in my opinion. Lazada has been my preferred online hangout ever since I got wind of them and you already know why.


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