Lazada, a highly recommended online shopping company

highly recommended2When it comes to my online shopping needs, I do not go with anybody else but Lazada Philippines . I highly recommend them to anyone who are new to online shopping and for those avid online shoppers who are always on the lookout for promotions, deals and discounts well basically anyone who wants to get the best bang out of their buck. I am not huge into making comments about the services of companies I buy from, I mean most of the companies I deal with are doing a great job and their performance are ranging from fine to great. But Lazada Philippines is on a whole new level of excellence as they exceeded my expectations from an online retail store and blown me away with the kind of reliable and exemplary service that they offer.

Here’s my story, I was recently in the market for a new laptop as the unit that I have been using for years finally succumb and met its demise. It has definitely approached and maximized its useful life. I am very happy with its performance. It has never ever put me down on those days when I have to meet a very tough deadline for my work. It was an Acer Aspire brand. Now I am looking for more or less the same brand and model probably a slightly upgraded version. So I looked all over the Internet for deals, I checked online computer stores, resellers and I even tried my luck on the second hand route. Anyway during my search, I was lucky to come across this new online shopping website and they happen to carry the brand that I love which is of course Acer. This website is no other than Lazada Philippines. There was one model that captured my attention which was the Acer Aspire S3-391 which I thought are so perfect for my needs. It is only 13.3 mm thin and weighs under 1.4 kg. and packed with Intel i5 plus all the tools that I need to stay wired and connected to the digital world. It is going to be a very excellent companion for me.

Since I am buying a gadget, and it is going to be my first purchase in Lazada, I was at that time uninitiated in terms of the Lazada policies and procedures like the shipping policies, returns and refunds, warranties in case something breaks within the warranty period and all that kinds of questions that a new customer has. Not to mention that it was my first time buying a piece of computing equipment from an online store with no sales person to talk to where I can address my concerns with. So I thought why not call their customer service hotline so I can speak to a real person regarding my basic concerns before placing my order. That’s what I did. I called customer service. The conversation ended nicely. I walked away from it very enlightened and well-informed about what Lazada has to offer. Not only was the customer service representative knowledgeable in Lazada policies but he was also very well-versed in discussing the product features as well. I was glad that I was dealing with a very reliable online store. They got me with their customer service and based on that I highly recommend them.


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