Lazada: The ever-growing technology continues to help us in our daily living

BWO_038With the online scene becoming engaging more than ever, it is slowly becoming our main platform in this modern digital era. We can now use online to mainly communicate across the globe. This was the first break through that Internet did to our lifestyle. Online becoming an alternative communication channel gave Internet a chance for their users to have some sort of importance. Hence, other online formats were introduced. One of which is the option to shop online. However, for us online users, we consider online malls that don’t have brand as scam the first thing we see them. In the online scene, it won’t be enough to just have good branding, properly trafficking online customer service is also a requirement.

Usually, company names that have huge brand name have less room to make an error online. One voice of a customer that rants about your brand can easily sent out to millions in online that will lead for your brand to be destroyed. Websites like Ecommerce stores have a clean slate since there was no brand established yet since they are all new. One of the online malls to take the most risk when they arrived in the country is Lazada. Why did they expose themselves to that kind of a risk? It’s simply because Filipinos are still unaware of shopping online. It’s true that we have a lot of online users, but only minority of them will try online shopping. It helped catapult in the local online shopping as one of the key players in the Philippines. Even if online shopping is about to explode, there were some of us who are still not shopping online.

Let’s at least admit that sooner than later online shopping will be part of our lifestyle. As we get indulged in high tech devices as consumer, we are slowly adopting and equipping ourselves to become tech-ready in online shopping. Incorporate it with high Internet speed; it makes it far superior on what it can originally perform for their customers. This combination allows us to conduct our usual offline activities in online. Now that the online community is increasing, it has now opened the doors for them to further increase its reach. They are fully dedicated in ensuring that their customers will get the best online shopping experience.

In order for them to stand out among the other competition, they also offered other unconventional approach to better serve their customers. On top of the usual payment methods like credit cards or Paypal account, they made Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. available for payment method as well. Depending on the value of the transaction, they offered free delivery availability to their customers. Depending on the delivery address, some shipment fee may vary. If a customer hits more than the one thousand pesos order value, delivery fee will be for free. As long as customers order items from them, they will get manufacturer’s warranty that traditional malls usually offer to their customers. Customers will still get 7-day free returns for customers who will receive defective products or items. It only proves that they treat their customers the right way.


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