Better website experience, greater online shopping experience

greater online shopping Expi

Normally we set certain standards and expectations when visiting a certain place. Let’s say you are going to have a vacation. Normally, we measure what we can experience from visiting the place. Travel time won’t even be regarded as long as we know we will be having the time of our lives. It’s only normal for anyone to weigh in the benefits from lost.

However, our patience can only be pushed as much depending on the scale of the benefits. This applies to online users as well. It’s expected from us that we get decent Internet experience given that we have high tech computers and very reliable Internet speed. But that should not be the case. Speaking of Internet, one of its main purposes is to allow users to browse websites on the Internet. Display of website usually varies depending on the niche they are focused on. Website was only text based during the initial days of Internet. Honestly, it’s actually hard to be entertained or have the interest rolling back when websites were just merely text based of information. Internet wasn’t that popular then compared to now. Internet became relevant when the websites started to become appealing to browse. It only started when websites evolved on its appearance with the assistance of media files and design compatibility.

These allow us to communicate and eventually adopted as part of our lifestyle. Internet combined with computer still has a lot to offer that we are still unaware of. One of the best things I like with these combined technology is it allows to shop online wherever I am. Anyone can do it as long as they have Internet connection and a computer. I always buy at Lazada Mall. What I like about the website is that they have a good balance in load speed while maintaining a decent interface. Personally, they are one of the best user-friendly online malls. Online users won’t actually have a problem access their online mall. What’s remarkable about their website is that they managed to make its website load speed decent enough even if it contains a lot of images. I actually have a first hand experience since I usually visit them on an average Internet speed. There was no issues on browsing their website. Their “Quick View” button is very nice since you can view product details in less than a second. You don’t need to leave the current page you are currently viewing just to see the product details. Images can easily be zoomed by just mouse hovering on the image you want to zoom. The feeling is like it’s right in front of you.

One of the features I like on their website is their online shopping cart that very easy to use. In case you want some of your items to be removed, you can easily add and remove them on the shopping cart page. If you encounter two items that you can’t decide which one, you can just add both and decide later.



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