Lazada Philippines: Not all online malls treat customers the same

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It’s hard for us not to tag new websites as illegitimates especially if they are an unknown brand to us. Sometimes, it’s not enough to just have a good brand, a good customer service is a necessity in online. Big brand names usually have a more challenging task when it comes to maintaining their online presence. One mistake that gets publicity online can lead their brand to a disaster. Ecommerce websites that are still new in the online scene, branding don’t matter so much since they are all new and just starting to build their own brand. Among them, one of the few online stores that took a huge risk is Lazada. Why did they push themselves that far? It due to Filipinos still not familiarized with online shopping.

Online users in the Philippines are quite overwhelming in numbers but not everyone knows online shopping. This enabled the Philippines’ Online Shopping Mall to become one of the most influential online stores in the country. Despite rising in the Ecommerce scene, some Filipinos were still trying to cope up with online shopping Inevitably, we all know that online shopping will rise and it’s just a matter of time. As for high tech devices that are constantly improving, we are entering the modern digital space. Packaging them with high Internet speed makes the online world way advance in technological break through. Combining the two mentioned elements allows us now to do some of our offline activities in online. In the Philippines, the local online community is increasing at a high rate making it in favor of them to expand its brand.

The goal is to make their online mall provide the best online shopping experience to their customers. Although they stick to some common online shopping options, they still added other options to make it more enticing to their customers. Online payment methods such as credit cards or Paypal were still offered by them but they also introduced Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. as an alternative payment method. Despite offering the common online payment methods, they are willing to waive free delivery depending on their consent. Delivery fee are actually based on where the shipment will be delivered. Customers can enjoy free delivery as long as their orders exceeds beyond one thousand pesos of value. Customers who bought from Lazada will receive manufacturer’s warranty ranging around 1 – 2 years depending on the item. 7-Day free returns are also offered to customers who may encounter defects.

This just shows that customers are highly valued by Lazada. They focus in delivery the best possible online shopping experience for their customers. Initially, they had some challenges that needed improvements to some part of their services. Good thing that they were able to address and fixed it properly. For online mall, it’s pretty rare to see that one will go extra and beyond just to ensure they have fully satisfied customers. Some are settles right away once they made a sale and don’t bother about the customer’s end after.


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