No more conventional online payment

No more conventional

Most people are unable to pay online in the Philippines. It usually requires us to fill a lot of online forms and provide our credit card details, which is very risky to expose online. It’s very confusing for other countries that are unfamiliar with online payments. Users who are new to online payment may have a hard time to pay online and should do it correctly. It’s delicate to make a mistake since it may lead to overcharging on your bill. It’s a pain if you get billed incorrectly online and usually takes more days for processing. It’s very easy. You pay and get what you want in real time. Other options are now available in this modern digital era. Online shopping for instance is an option now available. In order to shop, it is no longer a requirement to waste energy and time. In online shopping, you’ll only need an Internet access and Internet capable device. It’s a quick access online if you want to visit their website and find out what they can offer. It’s actually different here in the country. Just a few years ago, online shopping was never considered in the country. Since most of us are not credit card owners, it was hard to pay online the conventional way. It resulted for the Ecommerce to grow very slowly.

The penetration of Ecommerce was really struggling in the low market it actually helped Ecommerce penetration much easier when online mall like Lazada arrived in the country. Since they arrived, they made online shopping as a possible option the local online community. Even if you are not a credit card owner, They still allow to shop online on their website through Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. Customers who select Cash on Delivery or C.O.D. can just leave their shipment address and their name. It’s only when orders are delivered at the shipment address that payment is required by Lazada Philippines.

It was the first time that Cash on Delivery was offered by any online mall. Ever since Cash on Delivery was offered online as well, it helped the Ecommerce industry. It made us understand how it can be easier for us in online shopping. After their successful launch in the country, competitors grew each day. These allowed us to have more options in shopping rather then before when we only had offline shopping as our option. Through Cash on Delivery, it revolutionized how the local online community perceived online shopping. Since it ensures their money by not paying right away up until they receive their orders. It allows customers to try their online mall with less hesitation. After all, as long as customers feel and see that they truly have an upper hand. Questioned credibility will be disregarded. This is how made a true impact in changing the Ecommerce industry. Also, this allows them to tap the untapped market that is unable to pay the conventional way.


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