Rocket-Internet and Lazada is synonymous with speed


The Philippines online shopping mall LazadaPH is not going to be in its current stature if not for its parent company Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet has been responsible for Lazada’s swashbuckling (in a very positive way) takeover of the local e-commerce and online shopping industry and they are just warming up. The company (I am talking about rocket-Internet right now) is known for its lightning fast approach towards everything. It is some kind of an unstoppable beast that just crushes everything in its path (I am talking figuratively of course). When it wants something to get done, they simply do it and pull it off. That is how awesome they are. When they set their sight on a specific goal, there is no doubt that they will kill it no matter what. That is the kind of momentum that this company exudes and it is so amazing. They literally take over the game and win it. They got that thing on lock and very untouchable in the online venture building world. A quick at a glance look at what Rocket-Internet is and their numerous ventures in 23 countries, first off, Rocket-Internet is an online business start-up incubator based out of Berlin, Germany. It was started back in the year 2007 by the Samwer brothers, a triumvirate of brothers famous the world over for their visionary ideas in the online venture building industry. The company’s business concept is to search for the best business ideas focusing primarily on e-commerce and online businesses, replicating them and starting up a similar business somewhere else or in another region like what they did when they decided to put up Lazada in the Southeast Asian region including the Philippines (Lazada also has presence in other Southeast Asian nations that includes Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam). The companies that they look out for in terms of great business ideas that they can replicate are usually coming from the United States which is obviously the prime location of choice since the best e-commerce websites are coming from there naturally. More often than not, the websites that they replicate are turning out really successful that they usually end up getting acquired by the company from which the original business idea came from. If you want an example, look for the details of the Groupon-Citydeal acquisition or should I say merger. I am going to give a quick rundown of what Rocket-Internet’s presence looks like in other countries. Here they are:

Indonesia – In 2012 Rocket-Internet expanded to Indonesia and launched pricepandaindonesia, Zalora Indonesia and Lazada Indonesia (simultaneous with the Philippine launch)

Denmark – the company have established numerous websites in the country which includes 21diamons, eDarlin and Zalando

Norway – Rocket entered the Norwegian market with several successful online ventures which includes the aforementioned 21diamonds, Zalando and CupoNation

Singapore – They launched Zalora in Singapore and the country also serves as a headquarters for Lazada

Spain – The Company has around eight online ventures in the country including 21Diamonds, eDarling, Glossybox, Paymill, Oplinga, Westwing, Wimdu, Zalando and CupoNation

These are just examples of their worldwide portfolio. If we are to list all of them, we would probably be doing it all day. This shows how influential and how big the company has become within a span of less ten 10 years. It is indeed an epitome of speed.





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