Paying is absolutely a breeze

payingMoney is the backbone of the economy, without it, we are all still going to be bartering cows in exchange for a refrigerator and there will be no banks, no credit cards and all the conveniences of our modern day age. In e-commerce, getting is crucial to get the business going because without it the business simply won’t work and will cease to exist. That is how important it is that is why Lazada Philippines came up with very easy ways to pay for their products to entice more customers and make it easy for them to do transactions with the company.

When Lazada was just starting out they were offering at least three convenient payment methods namely the cash on delivery payment method, dragon pay and of course credit card payments however later on they scratched the dragon pay payment system off their easy payment methods offering for reasons unknown but what remained were the two most plausible ways of making payments online that is of course the cash on delivery payment system and the credit card. I have tried the two payment methods on several different occasions and they have worked pretty well for me. The first time I have used my credit card to pay for a purchase was during the time when I attempted to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy S3 mini which was kinda beyond my league if I were to pay in cold hard currency but I had to get it anyway because that was what my heart was telling me and I knew that getting that totally cool, neat piece of technological marvel is really going to make me happy I was more into the gratification of knowing that I own that gadget.

Like what I have mentioned the price was kind of out of my league at that time and I did not want to wait until I have saved up enough cash and instantly get it so I did what most people in my position and predicament would do and that is to resort to using my credit card. Credit card transactions in Lazada were great, I really did not have to worry about stuff like identity theft, stolen credit card information, unauthorized charges, credit card fraud and all those negative nasty little things normally associated with online shopping credit card transactions because the company using the most sophisticated data encryption technology known to man (of course I was just exaggerating and hyping things up when I said that but that description was actually pretty close just take it down a notch lower) along with certifications coming from PCI-DSS which is a security council formed by the top five financial institutions namely American Express, Discover, JCB, Mastercard and Visa that guarantees the website is following standard safety protocols when it comes to processing consumer credit card transactions and information. The cash on delivery payment is also amazing because of its convenient. When I tried paying in cash, it was like I was buying something off a normal grocery store and not from an online shopping website. That’s how simple it is to pay Lazada.


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