The benefits of Lazada’s coming into the e-commerce market

ecommerce marketThe proliferation of e-commerce in the country is very evident in the growing number of people who are going online and harnessing the power of the Internet and Lazada Philippines is in the forefront of the Philippine online shopping revolution. Before we get into Lazada’s impact to our local e-commerce market, let’s see how e-commerce can positively affect the local economy. Doing business on the Internet or e-commerce allows small start-up entrepreneurs to put their own business at a very minimal cost unlike the operational amount that a traditional, non-online business would demand. That is why it is the in thing right now and the most sought after form of doing business. The success of Lazada’s online retail business proves that e-commerce and online shopping per se has a future in the Philippine market as it is readily accepted by local shoppers. Lazada has impacted the Philippine Internet business environment in so many ways and here’s a look at what the company has contributed so far.

Price of goods – Since the company is an online retail business, the price of the products they sell online are very competitive and a lot cheaper than the competition and other traditional shopping malls that was because they buy their stuff in bulk and is capable of putting a lower mark-up price than other online shopping companies. This is a good thing for consumers because they can get items at cheaper prices compared to if they are going to shop at smaller online shopping websites and traditional shopping malls.

Quality products – a big company like this is always bent on putting their best foot forward hence they are keen on maintaining the quality of the products that they sell online because they would not want their brand name tarnished by putting out mediocre, poor quality stuff. This benefits end consumers as it guarantees that what they are getting are premium quality merchandise that is worth their money and time.

Online shopping awareness – Lazada made it known and has raised the consciousness that online shopping is a very viable business that can succeed in a developing country like the Philippines. Furthermore it also increased the awareness of local online shoppers about the possibilities and benefits of purchasing products online that rendered the local e-commerce industry more open to other forms of doing business online.

More employment opportunities – running an online retail business despite of the fact that it is online still requires manpower and that means employment opportunities for qualified local professionals. Lazada positively made an impact to the local employment statistics when they decided to set-up shop in the Makati Central Business District and hired local manpower to run the big bulk of their operations.

Healthy business competition – The Philippines’ online shopping mall of course is not the only online shopping mall or website operating in the country as there are a lot of other small online businesses that followed suit and they are very much inclined to compete with Lazada which means that the quality of merchandise that online shopping companies will put is going to be at par with the best as they try to woo customers into their business.

Those are just some of the positive effects of Lazada’s presence in the Philippine e-commerce market and there are surely a lot of things to come from them.


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