Interest in online shopping increased when Lazada got into the market


Everything, everyone has gone online that was why it is no surprise when consumers immediately got into Lazada online shop when they were first introduced into the market. Lazada has affected the local e-commerce market in a lot of wonderful ways impacting not only the local online shoppers but also the entire industry as well. The impact that Lazada’s coming into the Philippine e-commerce market was very profound that it can’t be taken for granted nor ignored. Prior to the company’s dive into the Philippine e-commerce market, there was not really any significant interest in online shopping (well there is but it was just on the online marketplace kind of e-commerce) people were just doing what they were just doing which is the traditional shopping mall kind of shopping and the swap meet style of online buying that has been the prevailing retail platform because of its simple no frills way of transactions. That was how it was before our Philippines’ online shopping mall came along.

The differences between the online market place style of online shopping and the online retail segment of online shopping are obvious. In the online marketplace shopping, sellers and buyers gather together just like how it is in actual bazaars and swap meets. In this type of e-commerce, the items are not coming from a single source or sellers but rather a conglomeration of different people who has stuff to sell, mostly second items but some sellers also sell brand new. The transaction is very simple and straightforward in that the person who is buying the item needs to just get in touch with the person selling the items to start the transaction. While on the online retail side of e-commerce, the selling is usually done by the company itself. The stocks of items are put on by the company and not by individual sellers which is similar to what traditional shopping malls do. The transaction is also simple and can be very convenient because there is not that much haggling, negotiations and talks required because you simply place your order online and wait for the item to arrive through a shipping or courier delivery company.

Security is also one of the benefits of the online retail kind of online shopping because there is no necessity to meet up with the prospective seller, no need to drive or commute to a meeting spot and best of all, there is no need to deal with a person that you don’t know or have not seen before.That benefit of online shopping was readily recognized by local online shoppers thanks in part to Lazada because they have raised the awareness and have sounded the alarm that online shopping is a very pleasurable activity that could save time, money and effort. Lazada also instigated an online shopping revolution in that a lot of online shopping companies followed suit after seeing how successful they have been on their first year of operations. The successful of Lazada made inspired those small e-commerce start-ups to emulate best practices and rendered the industry a more dynamic environment capable of further growth.


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