Lazada is Rocket-Internet’s latest venture

Latest venture          Lazada Philippines is the latest offering coming from the world renowned online venture builder, business start-up incubator Rocket-Internet. Rocket Internet is a company started up by the Samwer brothers of Berlin, Germany. The have established over 100 market-leading online businesses and currently has an amazing range of 50 e-commerce website companies all of them active that includes popular online shopping websites including online sites like Linio, Wimdu, Zalando, Zalora and Mizado. The online shopping website Zalora also has a presence in the Philippines as well, proof that this company is not your average run-of-the-mill online venture builder. They have 25 offices scattered all over the world in over 40 countries to be exact and also in 5 continents. They have a 15,000 strong workforce on their portfolio companies alone and 700 plus manpower including the upper management executives within Rocket-Internet.

                The e-commerce industry is catching up in the Philippines slowly but surely and continuously drawing in a huge market share of potential online shoppers. Lazada is currently making its mark in the Philippine online shopping by consistently putting out premium brands and high quality products like Samsung, Apple, Sony, HP, Acer and other mainstream brands.

                As an e-commerce company, the goal of Lazada is of course to generate profits but even with that very important goal in sight, the company does not take for granted the main objective why they are in this online retail business which is of course to serve their customers in the best possible way they can by coming up with the best promotions and deals along with the excellent brand of customer service that the company promised.  

                Convenient, worry-free and secured shopping are the three things that the company is proud to provide to its increasing number of avid online consumers. Lazada is proud to be among the first online shopping companies in the Philippines to offer the cash on delivery payment method which is very popular among the general population of online shoppers due to its convenience, security and overall simplicity of transaction. By offering this very easy to use payment method, they were able to capture a huge chunk of the market that was once held back by limited payment methods like the credit card payment. Along with new and alternative ways to pay, Lazada further raised the bar by working with two of the most reliable courier delivery service in the country namely LBC and 2GO as they know that delivery reliability is one of the crucial aspects of the business as it is the main component that brings the items to the customers who patronizes the site. LBC of course does not need an extensive introduction, as they are known to be a household name in the local courier delivery industry, their reliability has been tested and proven by millions of satisfied customers including myself. 2GO is a new player in the game but it is backed by seasoned industry veterans which mean that they are also capable of performance at par with the bets in the industry.


  Overall, Lazada is an amazing company capable of more growth as it is only in its first year of operations. There is surely more to come from the Philippines’ online shopping mall. 




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