Simple transactions all the time

simple transactions all the time

Most people’s reaction when they first hear online shopping is that it is complicated particularly the payment process because there is a credit card information to key in, information to verify and confirmation codes and all that stuff to watch out for. That may be true if you are going to deal with regular online shopping websites and retail stores. But not with Lazada PH because this company is not your ordinary run-of-the-mill online shopping retail store that pops out of nowhere on either side of your browsing screen advertising the products that they sell but rather it is a company with deep roots in online selling and backed by the world’s fastest, largest, biggest most successful online venture builder Rocket-Internet. Anyway we are not going to talk about the company history and profile because all you need to know is that you are dealing with a great company that puts out great products and amazing service.

Today we are simply going to talk about how to pay. You might think that the subject of payment in connection with online shopping is trivial well because it is trivial but as trivial as it may seem, it is also a very important aspect of online shopping. That is how a company gets paid for the products and services they provide to their consumers. When it comes to online shopping, the most popular way to make payments is by using a credit card. This payment system makes a whole lot of sense for online shopping companies because it obviously does not require the payer or the customer to be present physically to hand over the money. In a credit card transaction, everything is being done electronically. It is really amazing how the economy runs by simply sending information through wires and cables. Anyway, like what I have said, the credit card is some kind of the go-to payment method that most online shopping companies offer for the reasons that I cited above.

The only drawback (this is more of a drawback for the retail store or the online shopping company) is that offering a credit card only payment method if you are an online shopping company kind of limits the number of customers that you can reach because it will naturally weed out the chance of capturing the non-credit card using consumer population which actually is a big chunk of the market most especially if an online shopping company is doing business in a developing country like the Philippines in which credit card ownership is not as popular as it is in other highly developed or so called first world countries like the U.S, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and others. That was why I thought that Lazada Philippines was really brilliant when they introduced the cash on delivery payment system along with the regular credit card payment method. Not only did it make the transactions simple but it also captured the bigger market. I have tried it and I definitely appreciate the simplicity. Absolutely simple transactions all the time.



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