Lazada Philippines: A company with a great culture

great cuture

There are so many things that can make a company great and that it is what we are going to get into today. The subject is my go-to online shopping company Lazada and its parent company, start-up incubator Rocket-Internet. So what makes this company great? A lot of things actually and we are going to break them down into bits and bite-size molecular level pieces that can be easily devoured without much resistance. So here’s a quick look at the corporate attributes that makes both Lazada Philippines and Rocket-Internet stand out.

Corporate Vision-Mission – Every company does have some sort of a vision-mission even the small ones. What more if it is a huge worldwide firm that has already accomplished a lot during their nascent years. Rocket-Internet is no exception, however instead of having some fact deficient obfuscating generalities kind of vision-mission, what they came up with was a very straightforward, hard-hitting, pragmatic and simple vision. That simple vision is performance which they are very passionate about. In fact they put those two together resulting to a vision of passion about performance. That is what they believe in along with hard work, dedication and humility. The company also values knowledge and sharing of information and always take pride on their ability to solve problems on their own. Based on what I have heard, the company founders value intelligence more than experience that is why being seasoned in the game does not guarantee an aspiring applicant a job position in the company. One has to be creative, has to have the level of intelligence required to perform in a fast moving company like Rocket-Internet. The company loves to move as fast as they can and take risks either calculated or not that is why their company name surely was given justice by their actions. Lastly, they believe in what is possible, after all, what is the point of going after something, or pursuing a particularly difficult endeavour if one does not believe that it can be accomplished.

Unconventional thinking – The leaders, founders and employees of the company value unconventional thinking. The mantra is to squash the status-quo, defy the laws of tradition, encourage out of the box thinking and creativity. Things that should a company should consider if they are to move all the way to the top and remain there. This kind of thinking is what brought this online venture builder to reach greater heights and surmount difficulties and challenges along the way

Providing equal employment opportunities – the success of a company depends on the kind of people that they bring in to do the work. The company like what has been mentioned believes in intelligence and that can be found in different kinds of people regardless of cultural backgrounds, creed, education, nationality, race, color and religion. The company does not miss out on acquiring talented people by limiting themselves on the demographic of people that they recruit to join the company but rather gives everyone an equal shot at the different job opportunities that they are offering and that truly makes them a great company.


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