Lazada ushering in a new era in local e-commerce

ushering in a new era

Online shopping websites are the in thing these days. It is the first place that comes to people’s minds whenever they are thinking of buying or purchasing something. The interest of local online shoppers in online retail websites was further heightened when Lazada Philippines came into the industry with a bang, offering products and services at prices that can’t be beat. Lazada Philippines’ foray into the local e-commerce industry was deemed as a bold move considering that the market is developing and still volatile but nevertheless the company still made it on their first year and got the success that they really deserve and created a huge impact in the Philippine e-commerce industry.

The company has taken the online shopping market by storm with their new brand of online selling which is the online retail type unlike what a lot of local online denizens have gotten used to. The difference in the way they do business is that they do the selling directly unlike the popular online market place websites that gathers different online sellers like how bazaars, swap meets and local tiangges are doing it. This type of online selling was readily embraced by local Filipino shoppers as these types of trends are not really foreign to us. The Philippine market is pretty much ready to embrace any trends in shopping coming from the west. We Filipinos are always on the lookout for things that will enhance our ways of living and one prime example of that is online shopping and e-commerce which Lazada Ph helped in bringing to the consciousness of local Filipino online shoppers. The company further increased local consumer’s desire to go online thus one of the positive effects (I still call it a positive effect even though the increased number of Internet subscribers sometimes cause sluggishness in the system and scarcity of bandwidth) of having a popular online shopping website like Lazada is the increase in internet usage which in turn provides more business and more profit to local internet service providers. The increase demand for Internet connection has a ripple effect on the economy and local employment as increased demand for service also increased the manpower requirements of local telecom companies which mean more jobs for local professionals and job seekers. The company’s introduction to the local e-commerce market has also inspired local e-commerce or what I call e-trepeneurs (you probably have not heard of that term yet as I just coined it as of this writing because it rolls of the tongue really smoothly and I thought it was a catchy word for an entrepreneur who focuses on online businesses) to start doing their own thing and launch online retail businesses to follow the successful path that was paved by the Philippines’ online shopping mall. The company inspired local e-commerce start-ups and small business entrepreneurs to go chase their e-commerce dreams by putting up their own online retail stores with Lazada Philippines as their format in terms of product quality, service quality and corporate vision. The company indeed caused a positive stir in the local e-commerce arena.


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