It’s a wired world


The world these days is weird and getting weirder by the second but the good news is that it is cool. The world is getting wired too. It is a wired world that we live in. Just imagine how it would be if there is no Internet and online shopping websites like Lazada PH that idea alone makes me cringe. I could not fathom the emptiness and lack that I would feel, the void that will be left unfilled if the World Wide Web is to go away. That will simply suck. Things will change for sure because I know in myself that I would not be able to bear going back to those times when there are no digital conveniences like social networking sites and Voice over IP softwares that enable me to communicate cheaply and easily.

I remember those days when there were no mobile phones and the only way to get your appointment set up was through land phone communication. I remember those days when there were no laptops and computers can only be found in huge corporate offices. I cherish change and I love it. I don’t resist it unlike what most people are doing. I think change is good because it is progress. The Internet is a very powerful entity (I can’t think of any other term to label it because it is something tangible but not quite and to call it an entity gives a feeling that is in between tangible and intangible if that makes any sense to you at all) it has directly and positively impacted the way a lot of people does things. Like what I have said earlier, the world is becoming wired. A lot of things that we used to do physically are mostly being done online now like socializing and meeting new friends as well as finding long lost buddies. You can freely say what you feel like saying by posting on a virtual wall that all of your friends can see and that is very exciting. There is also the activity called online shopping which is all the rave right now especially that we already have local shopping websites like Lazada Philippines. It changed the way people look at shopping. Before it was like you have to go on a drive or commute to buy things that you need in a traditional shopping store. But now things are different, with online retail stores like Lazada Ph, you can do these things right at the comfort of your own home in-front of your computer plus you have access to a plethora of items which is something that has never happened before.

The introduction of this online shopping company created awareness that online shopping in the Philippines is feasible and can be enjoyed too by the average Filipino shopper. They did it by introducing an innovative and convenient way to pay. I am talking about the cash on delivery payment which made online shopping easier for the local shoppers. That payment service might be trivial but it is one of the greatest contributions of Lazada to the Philippine e-commerce market.




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