Lazada’s speedy ascend


I am not the kind of consumer who gets easily hooked to a particular business especially if it is an online shopping company but despite my usual self I got bitten by the Lazada Philippines bug. This online shopping company or online retail store is a new comer in the business meaning it has no history yet to prove that it has what it takes to be the best online shopping company in the Philippines but it did prove that it is the best as shown by the huge traffic that goes in on the website on a regular basis. It has turned into the top go-to websites for people who wanted to get their online retail fix and has become one of the most sought after online shopping store in the country and it is very easy to feel that way about it because of the exceptional products and services they offer.

Just to give you a sampling of the huge online shopping categories they have, here’s a primer on that, they got mobiles and tablets, computers and laptops, consumer  electronics, cameras, health and beauty, home and living, home appliances, toys and babies, fashion and accessories, watches, travel and luggage, sports, and books music and movies. When I first set my eyes on the website I thought that it was something based out off another country. I was thinking that way because I always had this notion that online shopping websites are located someplace else but I was wrong with this one, its parent company might have been located in Berlin, Germany but its office is set up located right in the middle of the finest business district in the country and run by local professionals which is absolutely great in my opinion because since it is a local company I wouldn’t need to worry about shipping timeframes and all those common concerns that online shoppers usually encounter if the online shopping website they are ordering their items from are located internationally.

The company took the country by storm with their very catchy advertisements both online and offline. I was driving at one of the major thoroughfares in the city and I couldn’t help but admire the colourful bus billboards that they come up with. This company breaths excellence on a daily basis just like their parent company Rocket-Internet. Rocket-Internet is an online venture builder, and business start-up incubator. What they do is they provide support, management expertise, logistics, technical support and of course financial backing to start-up businesses. Their niche of course is in the e-commerce industry where they have built over 100 market leading companies throughout their illustrious and exciting career in the industry. The company was a brainchild of three brothers namely the Samwer brothers. These guys thrive because of their past-paced way of running the business; they are more into action rather than theorizing and talk. They get things done quickly and efficiently which puts them ahead of the game. It is inevitable that they will take over the Philippine market and it is not hard to see why.




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