Lazada Online Shop and their easy to use payment options

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I first came across Lazada Online Shop  while watching T.V (which I rarely do so I guess you can call my first encounter with the company serendipity) through an ad they were running on one of the biggest television networks here in the Philippines which I am no longer going to mention to leave you with something to ponder about and pick your brains lol! There are only two of them giants so take your wild guess. Anyway, seeing that ad for the first time and getting informed that there is already an online retail store in the Philippines got me all worked up and excited because I have been waiting for such an online company to grace our beautiful existence here in the country. I did not waste any time, quickly took my laptop out of its classy leather case, turned on the Wi-Fi router and hit on the power button. After less than 60 seconds, the Windows logo was already showing up on the screen (yeah that is how fast my processor is. Thanks Core i5!) and that got me more excited. I allowed my computer to load things up and when it’s done configuring things up for my browsing pleasure, I went straight to Google chrome, typed Google then after it showed up put in Lazada Philippines on the search field. Two seconds later, there goes the website in all its glory. I immediately signed up for an account which was surprisingly easy. After that, I went ahead and sampled the smorgasbord of merchandise they had to offer.

I am a gadget geek, have been and will always be if that phrase makes sense to you. Anyway, I first hovered over the mobiles and tablets category because I want to check out the Samsung Galaxy Note I (I know there’s already a Note II but this happened when the gadget first came out last year, I might be inaccurate as to the actual release date but I am just referring to the time when I first saw it here in the Philippines) which I have been salivating over and having nightmares with since I first saw it online. In short I badly want to have it. Fortunately, the gadget gods have been listening to my fervent prayers when it turned out that it is available in Lazada and I could get it right on that moment because I could pay using my credit card which is of course not really that surprising because they are an online shopping company.  I did check out the available methods of payment and I found out that on top of the regular credit card payment method, they are also accepting cash on delivery payments which I think is cool if you are buying things of lesser value like books, clothing, skin care products, music or DVds. Anyway for my first purchase, I used my credit card of course because I am unable to pay the entire amount in cash. The transaction was so smooth; I never had any trouble with it. Plus they deliver really fast so that is something extra.



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