Lazada is fresh

FreshWhat attributes sets a great online retail business apart compared to those that we are bombarded with on a daily basis? It is a no-brainer, it is everything that is LazadaPH now I said that because I am a radical fanatical Lazada fan boy down to the deepest labyrinthine crevices and recesses of my bone marrow but even though I was not a self-confessed fan boy, that statement still got at least 98% veracity in it because that is how good the Philippines’ online shopping mall is. Okay let us go on a quick, snappy vicarious discourse on the differences between a prime online shopping website versus those ones that are just there to get by and make a living. First off, a good online shopping website always has its sight on the prize. It is perfectly machined to dominate, to always go for the kill, blow away all kinds of opposition and plainly goes after industry hegemony. The perfect online shop gives its consumers the best merchandise it could get its hands on at prices that the ordinary online shopper will deem as a steal. The perfect online shopping website also puts customer service on the totem pole of its priority list. A prime example of this kind of online shopping website is of course Lazada Philippines which is my favorite online shopping website and has come to be the general Filipino shoppers’ favorite as well. Let’s deconstruct the things that they can offer so we can better understand why this shopping website rose to prominence at such a very short span of time and at lightning speeds.

On the top of my list is the free delivery that the company offers, they deliver for free anywhere in the Philippine archipelago if your purchase came in at 1000 php minimum. That is a fair compromise, I mean some might ask why they did not just deliver it for free without any price cap on the amount of purchase. Well it is business and if you have gone through an economics subject then you would probably understand what I am talking about. They have to strike a balance between customer satisfaction and profitability if they are to stay afloat, well not just to stay afloat but to prosper. What I like about the company is that they are always striving to keep the delivery rates low and that is good enough for me.

The next one is promotions and discounts. I find the company really creative with their promotions and offers. Those promos really entice customers to go online shopping and encourage them to go back for seconds. They not provide discounts at rates that are almost free but they also strive to make the promotions as interactive and fun as possible just like how they did it when they launched a promotion in which you have to find a certain code that will appear randomly during the day for you to get huge discounts during check out. I remember that I stayed online the entire day just to wait for the discount code to appear because I did not want to miss out on the chance to get a really substantial amount of discount. There is also another promotion that I love; it was the 200 Php voucher that you get for signing up on their newsletter. That one is so easy, it was like getting paid 200 pesos for a very menial work of inputting your email address on the computer.

These unique benefits make Lazada one of the freshest online shopping companies out there.



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