Positive repercussions of Lazada’s foray into the local e-commerce industry


An online shopping website may positively or negatively impact a local e-commerce economy depending on its profile, company background, performance, work and business ethics and a lot of other factors like quality of products offered and type of services rendered. In Lazada Online Shop  case, their influences are definitely what people can construe as positive and good impacts.  Let’s identify a few key areas where Lazada’s presence is shining through.

E-commerce industry – it is a given that with the company delving into the local e-commerce industry, that its impact will be felt in the industry as a whole. It doesn’t matter whether it is a start-up online company or a seasoned one in the industry. They sure will feel the positive result of Lazada’s coming. What I am trying to get into is the healthy competition that they instigated amongst local companies. The kind of competitiveness that it induced on the local scene is the type that gets the positive vibe going within the industry that results to better services, better products and better customer service as each company especially the smaller ones to come out and go for it hard so as to not get left behind by their counterparts. Like what I said earlier, the benefit can be seen on the quality of products and services and that in turn benefits the end consumers and online shoppers.

Awareness – With Lazada’s advertisements and reputation increasing at a staggering speed, along with its consistent pummelling and pounding of virtual and physical advertising pavements come the increased awareness of the general population about the amazing benefits of online shopping. The general population’s increased interest towards the idea of shopping online has created an E-commerce industry that is not only sustainable but highly profitable as well. That sustainability and profitability of online shopping and e-commerce companies benefits the professionals working for those companies. As more sales and product movement increase for these online shopping companies come job security which is the ultimate positive impact that Lazada has on the industry.

Variety – When Lazada came in, a lot of people got excited both consumers and online entrepreneurs alike. In the case of online entrepreneurs, this segment derived some sort of a positive boost and motivation from lazada’s success and prompted a lot of them to start and do their own thing online which helped the industry to get more dynamic, competitive and vibrant. That resulted into more online retail companies getting started which directly impact the choices that consumers have in-front of them in a positive way. I mean of course if there are lots of companies getting put up; the regular consumer will not run out of choices which is definitely a positive thing.

Online shopping safety – The company have raised the bar in online shopping safety by adopting the latest technology in data encryption plus they are also PCI-DSs certified. Online shopping as a whole became a lot more secured than how it was years ago as other online shopping companies followed Lazada’s path in online shopping security.



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