Lazada is the best of the best

The Best

Are there any other online shopping companies that can compare to Lazada Philippines  I am unable to promise that I am going to respond with an unbiased answer should you attempt to ask me that question whether straight or rhetorical. I could go on all day dishing out accolades to honor this online shopping company. This company is the elite of the local online shopping industry. I will be waxing poetic but I got to say that it’s the Cadillac, the John Wayne, The Spiderman and The Michael Jordan of the Philippine online shopping. If you are talking about it in the collective sense, they’ll probably be called “The Titans” as well. It is simply surreal. The pleasure that I derive from my intercourse with it is comparable to a glass of cold glacially delicious water traversing my dry parched sun kissed monotonous mouth gradually slaking my seemingly unquenchable longing for the universal precursor to a very sublime sensation of hydration.

he company is not the best of the best just because of the superior products and services they offer but also because of the kind of company that stands behind them. Lazada is a company created by Rocket-Internet, an online business incubator that has been making waves in the start-up venture incubation for quite some time now. The company is the biggest, largest, fastest, quickest, most powerful, highly profitable, in fact, you can think of all the superlatives that relates to large, big, fast, powerful and profitable and all of those will fit the description of Rocket-Internet. They have been doing it for more than 10 years now starting way back 1999 when the Internet was in its nascent, formative years and public reception was still doubtful at best. Yet despite the not so clear future of the Internet those days, their business of putting up innovative online businesses thrived and flourished during its primordial stages of existence.

Their strategy was all about speed, relentlessness and blitzkrieg approach to doing things. It was all about making things happen and doing it on a faster pace because that is what the Internet is all about, it is about making things happen and doing it fast. That was why it did not take that long for them to get their reins in the industry and direct all the profits that could be possibly made toward their direction. No other company has come close to the feat that Rocket-Internet has pull-off. Rocket-Internet is simply an unstoppable Internet force to be reckoned with. Here are some statistics to give light to the things that I am talking about. The company has created over 100 industry and market leading companies all over the world. They cover at least 40 countries which is the same thing as saying that they are primarily omnipresent. As of contemporary times, they have at least fifty plus active companies that are dominating multiple markets. They also provide professionals with a very decent means of making a living. As of this writing, Rocket-Internet alone employs 700 plus professionals and you would be astounded with the number of people they have in their portfolio companies which is 15,000. Now that is simply amazing isn’t it?


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