Easy payment methods that let you focus on the main thing: online shopping enjoyment

Easy payment methodOver the years that online shopping has existed, I purposefully held back in participating in it. I do browse a lot though but only to window shop and check new stuff out. I almost got tempted once to order something but my subconscious prevented me from taking the plunge. My perspective changed when this online shopping website called Lazada Philippines came into the horizon. My hesitation to pursue online shopping before was due to those horrifying stories of people’s ordeal because of stolen identity and fraud losses due to unauthorized credit card charges perpetuated by online hackers against unsuspecting online shoppers.

Although those incidents are sort of unheard of in the Philippines and most of the instances that occurred are mostly confined to the U.S e-commerce industry, I still hesitated because I did not want to take the unnecessary risk of getting my account information stolen even though I am just here in the Philippines. It is better to be safe than sorry so to speak so I simply take that very safe route and put off online shopping altogether. Last year was a great year because that was when Lazada Philippines came into the local e-commerce game. When I first heard about it, my reaction was the same as my reaction to those other international online shopping websites. I still had the reluctance even though I was aware that they are local. But I kept an open mind and was willing to try it out provided that they would offer another method of payment as an alternative to the common way of paying online which are of course payment using credit cards.

True enough, after some research and browsing around the website, I found out that this company offers the perfect payment method that I have been looking for over the years. That is of course the cash on delivery payment method. I was very excited that time. I thought I could now enjoy the benefits of online shopping without the added stress of worrying about my credit information. So I tried it out, ordered a couple of things, just small items to start with, like books, clothing and toys for my kids. On my first batch of orders I only spent around 2,000 Php. It was quite a large amount for a trial purchase but I did not have to lose some sleep or worry about it because I did not need to put up that money up-front. Since I opted to pay my orders on the cash on delivery basis, obviously the only time that I would pay that amount would be at the time of delivery.

The bottom line is that, I came through my first online shopping experience successfully. Later on I found out that the company’s credit card processing system uses the latest encryption technology and is also PCI-DSS certified which gave me the confidence to try my credit card out. Lazada is an amazing company because they make you worry about only one thing which is your online shopping enjoyment.


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