That online shopping company called Lazada

OS company

It is kind of difficult to vouch for businesses these days especially if the business you are vouching for does not have an actual store location but today I am going to vouch for the online company that I have been rooting for since day one and that online shopping company forward slash online retail store is called Lazada  So what is so special with this company? Well believe me there are lots of things that makes this online shopping website a lot special than the others (when I say the others, I am referring to the competition regardless if it is an online retail store or online marketplace websites) The company is one of the originators of the online retail type of online shopping in the country. Definitely a breath of fresh air when it comes to selling online because they veer away from what a lot of online shoppers and consumers got accustomed to which is the swap meet or buy and sell type of online shopping where the goods are coming from all sorts of different individuals that is totally different from the online retail store in which the goods are coming directly from them.

The company made a lot of noise during their launch last year; it was such a great year for the local online shopping industry and local e-commerce in general. A lot of people has gotten into it thanks primarily to the increasing availability of the internet; the number of people getting online have doubled, possibly quadrupled and still counting. It is endless and still growing in exponential numbers.  A lot of Internet traffic is going to Lazada Philippines because they are touted as the pioneers of online retail selling. They made online shopping accessible to ordinary folks who do not have access to the usual means of paying online purchases (I am talking about credit cards) by introducing one of the most practical and easiest way to pay an online purchase. That payment method that I am referring to is none other than the cash on delivery payment. The company most definitely widened its berth when they decided that allowing their customers to pay cash is a very plausible payment method.

After all, in a culture that is not oriented in the use of plastics (I am alluding again to the credit card) paying in hard cold cash is still the way to go to get a business entity compensated for the products and services they rendered. The best thing about this company is that they are local albeit their parent company is internationally based. The company is local in the sense that they set up an office locally, they hired local young professionals to get their business running and their warehouse is located locally. That means the company in a way, helps the local economy out in their own little way by providing employment and ways to earn a living to local folks and that is the kind of company that I really vouch for and willing to do business with down the road. I am definitely in for the long haul on this one.


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