Lazada: The advantage of having multiple payment options

Payment options3

A couple of weeks ago I went online to burn through my credit card on a shopping spree and the website that I pick to wreak some serious online shopping havoc on? (I meant that in a very positive way) well of course guess what it was Lazada Online Shop I mean come on is that even a question. I am so into this company for a whole bunch of reasons.

First, they are one of the first online retail stores to hit the country and why is that so big of a deal for me? Well because when I said they are one of the first online shopping companies in the Philippines I really mean it. You might think that what I said was a bit inaccurate because you probably was thinking that they aren’t the first because there online shopping websites like, ayosdito,, and the like. But let me just get that fact straight, yes it is true that those websites have been around for some number of years when Lazada was just in his daddy’s nut sack (figuratively speaking of course) but those websites are not technically considered to be under the category of the online retail store. They sell stuff yes but the items are not theirs basically because everything being sold on those so called online marketplace websites are coming from individuals who created an account and posted ads of things that they sell.

As far as Lazada is concerned, the company sells stuff that are wholly theirs, the don’t have private sellers postings ads and stuff like that and they work like traditional malls with the only difference of them being online instead of operating out of a building. I also like the services that they got to offer. They have a very nice crew of customer support personnel that are always up on their toes to answer questions and are willing to get above and beyond, bend over backwards just to get some things done and my concern taken care of.

Plus there are lots of items being sold on the website which makes it really exciting to browse through and window shop on. I sometimes get a kick just by looking at the new items, checking out the product specifications especially new gadget drops because I am a self-proclaimed gadget head. I was talking about burning through my credit card to go on a totally hard-core shopping spree, like a mean total spending to the bone like there is no tomorrow. I am not an obsessive shopper, I only feel compelled that I have to reward myself because I have been working really hard so I only do that once in a while. So what happened I bought a whole bunch of gadgets and home appliances, I got a new smartphone, a gaming console, flat screen T.V etc… and like what I said I was intending to max my credit card out which I actually did but I ended up not having enough line of credit to pay for everything.

The good thing was that the company offers the cash on delivery payment system. So I paid for whatever it is that my available limit can cover and paid the difference using cash that I got which I handed over to the delivery guy when the items arrived. I was totally psyched on the fact that they offer multiple payment options. That for me is a real benefit.


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