A really gratifying tour into Lazada

really gratifying

Online shopping is fun and a great stress reliever especially on a work drenched, toxic, nerve-racking and nauseating day at the office. More so if you are going to do it in Lazada this online retail company hailed as The Philippines online shopping mall, is an online shopping website that offers a very hassle-free and convenient way of doing online retail therapy (I call the activity of shopping as a retail therapy because I believe that it is the main purpose of shopping. A lot of people go shopping not because they need to buy something of utmost necessity but rather to feel good, be relaxed and feel great and make themselves feel whole again). This online shopping company is an online venture created by a foreign Internet company that has established quite a lucrative business putting up great online businesses that not only dominates the market but usurps the competition.

That Internet company is Rocket-Internet, an online venture builder based out of Berlin, Germany and is the biggest, fastest and profitable start-up incubator company in the world and they are the brains and engine behind Lazada Philippines. The company, although created by a foreign conglomerate is as local as it could get as they set-up shop in an office situated right at the heart of the country’s premier business district which is of course Makati. They also employ local professionals and their warehouse is located in the city so they are pretty much a very local company which means that you pay in our local currency and your item gets delivered by a courier delivery service provider located in the country as well. Going back to what the company can offer in terms of shopping options, the company got a lot of merchandise that an online shopping aficionado can heartily choose from.

The overall feel that you will get is like the feeling that you get when you shop in a traditional department store, the only difference of course is that it is virtual and you do it inside the comforts of your own home through your computer. The item categories are vast and multi-faceted. In here you can find online diverse online shopping categories like books, music, movie DVDs, clothes, toys, fashion accessories, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, gadgets, mobile phones, smart phones, computers, laptops, tablets, large home appliances, small home appliances, baby-related items, bags, luggage, sporting goods and a lot of other things that a regular shopper might need. The first time I browsed through the website, I was definitely astounded by the huge selection of items that I could pick from. I was not expecting that the selection is going to be that wide and I totally dig it because I love window shopping, looking around for possible things that I could purchase. It is really interesting for me if a website carries a whole smorgasbord of merchandise as opposed to those websites that don’t. I love to feast my eyes on retail items and that is what makes me come back to this company from time to time. I got totally hooked because it is very therapeutic to look at.



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