Lazada sits on top of the heap

On top of the Heap

The Philippines’ online shopping mall Lazada has been doing great business for almost a year now and I was wondering how they managed to pull it off albeit they are considered as a new player in the game. So to get the full skinny on what made Lazada Philippines the undisputed number one and leader in the online shopping industry, I tried to dig around for some information concerning the company’s background, their business practices, procedures and pretty everything else I could find that will connect the dots so I could figure out what made them so successful. So let’s take a look at what this company is about and take a gander on what is going on behind the scenes since I heard that Lazada did not just popped out into its current existence on its own but rather, it is an offspring, a brainchild, a by-product of an Internet company that does nothing but create highly profitable and successful online business ventures.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to the biggest, largest, fastest, quickest and most celebrated, highly popular online venture builder and business start-up incubator, Rocket-Internet. Now I might get some heat on redundancy, but I am aware of that literary faux pas, I know I could have simply used one word instead of two adjectives that pretty much means the same thing. However, I felt compelled to exacerbate and amplify things up and the only way I know for me to achieve that is putting those synonyms into play. That is what I feel about Rocket-Internet. If you have read through their company profile, you might have been compelled and forced to use redundant adjectives to make sure that your point about how fast, how big and how successful Rocket-Internet is gets driven across. So what’s the real deal with Rocket-Internet then? This company sure does live up to its chosen company name because all of the online businesses that it puts up certainly does reach heights that only real Rockets can hope to reach. This company is definitely all about business. It is 100% pure and unadulterated entrepreneurship. They have been putting together first-rate online companies since 1999 and have over 100 market leading companies located in over 40 countries (that is the same as saying that they have presence all over the world).

The company gathers all key ingredients necessary to build successful online companies namely workforce, ideas, technology and of course money or capital. All of these key elements are melded together to create a venture that not only works but generates continuous and sustainable profits as well. They are very particular and pretty much aware of the synergistic roles of the key elements mentioned above that they recognize that one cannot work successfully without the others. To achieve that synergy, they gather and recruit the best people available. Rocket-Internet does this by recruiting brilliant, creative employees and focuses more on these attributes instead of putting a premium on experience alone like what they said on their official website that they value intelligence more than experience. Rocket-Internet is definitely a company of ideas and execution. That shows on where Lazada Online Shop is at right now which is on the top of the heap.


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