Lazada Online Store: Easy payment methods that can be appreciated by anyone

Payment methods2

Payments are integral if a business is going to survive and of course it pays a lot if the payment methods that online shopping companies offers are easy to use and convenient and that is what is going on with Lazada Philippines . This online retailer entered the Philippine online shopping market with a vision to make online shopping a lot easier, convenient and accessible for everyone. One of the things that they to make those visions tangible is through the introduction of different methods of payment. That alone made a lot of difference when it comes to the general accessibility of online shopping to average consumers. One of the best payment methods that they have is of course the cash on delivery payment service. This payment system allows online shoppers to pay their orders using hard currency and they only pay it of course when the item arrives hence the term “cash on delivery” payment. The convenience and practicality of this payment method was demonstrated when one of our house helpers opted to go online shopping.

But first reality check, house helps not too long ago are not that technologically savvy and they rarely access the Internet if they are aware that there is a thing called Internet at all. Nowadays things are different, the prices of smart phones and gadgets have drastically come down, tablets can be acquired on the cheap and Internet hotspots are everywhere so it is inevitable that members of this demographic are now starting to see the benefits of online shopping and the easy payment methods that Lazada offers add to the mystique. I saw how it happened when one of our household helper asked me if she could have something delivered to our home address meaning she was asking if she could put our address as the delivery location online. I said it was okay then I asked her what kind of stuff are you trying to get delivered? She told me just some regular things that she will purchase from Lazada.

I was amazed at how adept she is in browsing through the website, looking for things that she wants to buy. I could only think of one reason why she is very comfortable in making a purchase online and why she thinks it is feasible and that is because it is very easy to pay. She is not being held back by credit card payment method since she can simply just opt to pay in cash. It is risk free, no money required to be put up up-front and it absolutely feels like the traditional online shopping experience that she gets when she goes to the regular shopping malls with the added convenience of doing it right in the comforts of our home. Before this, I was so much into using my credit card when shopping online because I thought it was the easiest form of making payments online. I never even look into the possibility of paying cash but my perspective changed after witnessing how simple the cash on delivery payment is and that is how I am paying for my next Lazada purchases.


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