Lazada is the future of e-commerce

the future

Today we are getting down on the details concerning Lazada Online Shop background, the things that they do, the company behind them and where they are going in this e-commerce business. So what is Lazada Philippines? They are a company engaged in the business of selling retail products online pretty much like how a regular shopping mall is doing it out there. The company is one of the fastest online shopping website in the country and other Southeast Asian countries. They offer an almost all encompassing, long reaching and wide range of products that includes laptops and computers, major sports equipment, clothes, apparel, shoes, bags, toys and baby items, small home appliances, large home appliances, mobile phones, mobile phone accessories, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, books, movies, music, watches, jewelry, travel and luggage, fashion accessories and a whole lot more.

Like what I have said earlier, they are the fastest growing online shopping website here in the Philippines and in neighboring Southeast Asian countries because they are also present in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. The company itself is not a single entity because it is owned by its parent company Rocket-Internet. For those in the know, Rocket-Internet is the biggest, fastest and most aggressive online venture builder in the world and the whole World Wide Web. They are based out of Berlin Germany and founded by the Samwer brothers who are equally as popular as the company that they started. Okay so what does Rocket-Internet do exactly? It is a little bit complicated if you are going to delve into it yourself but it is very easy to explain how the business model works.

So here’s what the company is doing, the company is engaged in the business of online venture building. They are always in the search for feasible, smart and viable internet business ideas around the web. Most of the ideas that they are getting are coming off those websites located in the United States (which is of course home to pioneering e-commerce businesses) Rocket-Internet takes those ideas and replicates them somewhere else for instance in their home country Germany and of course in other regions like ours. They put up those online businesses as start-ups and provide them support until they become profitable. Hence the term start-up incubator also applies to the kind of business they are doing. Most of the time the companies that Rocket-Internet builds can become so successful that they capture the attention of the bigger companies from which the ideas were cloned from.

The end result of that are mostly buy-out offers from the bigger companies and Rocket-Internet never hesitates to sell the online venture that they successfully built if the price is right. The men behind this intelligent and very smart business concept are the Samwer brothers. They started in this kind of business during their younger years (their still young now though) and flourished massively. It is their aggressive work ethic and fast paced approach to business that brought them to great heights and trust me they will continue to push the envelope until they dominated the business entirely.


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