Lazada: Easy payment methods translates to convenient online shopping

easy payment scheme

Money is the lifeblood of all business transactions, without it, things are not going to work out the way we want them to. It is an essential part of commerce. A company that offers alternative payment methods is bound to get more successful in their business than other companies who only sticks to just one payment scheme. Since we are talking about payments, I would like to cite my preferred online shopping and retail website as an example of a company that makes paying for their goods, products and services as easy as a lazy Sunday afternoon. The company that I am referring to is no other than the pioneering, the ground-breaking online retail store that has taken the country by storm (drum roll please) Lazada  .

One of the things that make Lazada a favorite amongst local online shopper is the easy no-nonsense way of making payments which is not normally found in local online shopping stores in the country, a lot of Lazada’s predecessors offered the traditional credit card payment method. Credit card payments are of course the de rigueur payment option that online shopping companies offer as a payment method for their goods and services. There is nothing really bad about it. In fact I myself thought that paying for purchases using a credit card is the easiest and most convenient way to pay. However, there is one drawback to that advantage. What is that drawback? That drawback is accessibility. Now if you are located in a developed country like the U.S, Canada or Japan, paying through a credit card probably will not be too much of a trouble for you since credit card acquisition is but in the case of those people who live in a developing country like The Philippines, paying using a credit card for online purchases may not be the first option that will come to mind.

As a result of that predicament, the online shopping industry did not totally pick up during its early years and just traversed the road of a slow linear movement. The main reason for that is (I am still talking about credit card payment) the limited availability of credit cards to the ordinary Filipino. It effectively excluded the average man on the street to actively pursue shopping online regardless of the more widespread availability of the Internet nowadays. That is when Lazada Online Shop came into the picture. The company not only offers credit card payments but cash on delivery payments as well. What in in it for the ordinary shopper who does not have access to a credit card? It means they can now purchase things online and pay for the items using whatever cash they have. I got the chance to try it once (although I am a huge credit card user myself) for a change and I would say that it is definitely convenient and easy to use. So if you are the regular shopper who prefers to pay cash and at the same time enjoy online shopping then Lazada and its cash on delivery payment is for you.


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