Lazada promoted online shopping awareness


There are a lot of things that Lazada Online Shop has contributed for the betterment of local e-commerce. One of those is that that they were able to prove that e-commerce can thrive very well in our local market, can flourish and get accepted by local consumers and online shoppers. The company did this by introducing the online retail concept of online shopping in which the products are directly being sold by the company and not by a conglomeration of sellers like how it is in online marketplace websites like or and the like. That is already a great deal considering that the local market has no idea of the online retail type of shopping way back because of the domination of online marketplace websites such as those that I have mentioned above. Way back when there were no online shopping websites, the market is dominated by swap meet websites.

These websites are pretty much similar to how a bazaar or tiange operates but it is online. Just like a Sunday market, they gather online sellers together to sell products and services. The products they are selling in these online marketplace websites can be brand new or second hand items. I know because I have been a long-time patron of these websites and actually helped me out with my different hobbies in terms of budget because I usually buy things second hand and thus it saves me money. Like when I was huge into collecting action figures, robots and that kind of stuff. Sure thing it’s easy to buy brand new stuff but it is a lot cheaper if you will get them second hand and there is a big chance that you will come across rare stuff that some sellers are willing to let go for a cheap price. I found the transaction a lot easier because it does not involve a lot of complicated things like a credit card since you simply meet up with the seller and you pay for it in person. You even have the chance to fully scrutinize the item that you are purchasing as opposed to if you are having it shipped.

The only drawback is that it is time consuming and involves a lot of communication and of course trust especially if you are dealing with a seller that you have not had prior interaction before. That’s why it was very thrilling when Lazada Philippines came out. Not only that online shopping can be a lot easier but also a lot safer. I still do shopping through online marketplace websites but I reserve it for things that I want to buy second hand. But for things that I need to get brand new like gadgets, clothes, shoes, home appliances and other shopping mall stuff, I prefer to go the Lazada way. They made online shopping a lot more convenient and accessible.  A lot of people have become more aware of the benefits of online shopping. Thanks to the Philippines online shopping mall for their contribution to local e-commerce.


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