Lazada makes paying as easy as breathing

paying as easy as breathing

It is obvious that if you are to online shopping, you are going to need some form of payment that is different from what you have been accustomed to like credit cards, debit cards Paypal etc. The same thing goes if you are going to shop through the Philippines online shopping mall Lazada PH but the good news is and what I would also call as this company’s edge is that they don’t just dwell in a single method of payment because on top of their secured credit card payment system which is PCI-DSS protected (I am going to touch a little bit of that later) they also got the cash on delivery payment method which  is by far the most efficient, most convenient and hassle-free way to pay for the items that you are going to purchase online through Lazada Philippines. I have made several purchases from the company, have tried and tested all the payment methods that they offer including DragonPay which they are no longer offering anymore and the results are thus far excellent.

On my first purchase, I paid using a credit card, my MasterCard. I purchased an item that is not worth that much since I was just testing things out. I opted to get a paperback just so it wouldn’t cost me more than 500 Php. I didn’t want to spend a huge amount immediately and upfront since it was my first time doing online shopping with the company and I was using a credit card to pay for the item. So placed the order and proceeded to check out. What I liked about their credit card transaction is that it was very easy. I did not go through a lot of unnecessary verifications that consumes a lot of time. Although I still got the standard verification call from their customer service people who just tried to verify my name, address, identity and email address for security purposes which I truly understand and have nothing against. They did not asked me to fax any proof of identity like driver’s license, passport and other government issued identification documents which is a breath of fresh air considering that my online shopping experiences before were like that whenever I am using my credit card to pay for the items that I purchased.

Their credit card payment system is also protected by PCI-DSS (payment card industry data security standards) is a council formed by leading financial services companies that you have definitely heard of like MasterCard, Visa, American Express, JCB and Discover. This council ensures that established security protocols are followed by their member companies like Lazada Ph which in turn ensures the safety of their customer’s credit card information. The other payment method, the easiest one is the cash on delivery which is the payment method I used on my second purchase. I bought a refrigerator and from the company online and paid for it cash upon delivery. I was definitely satisfied because it was so convenient, it was like paying at a department store but without the hassle of commuting. Truly the best payment method ever.


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