Lazada definitely wowed a first time online shopper with their reliability”

first time online shopper

I just started another sales job and having a tool that will help me out with my business presentations can definitely propel me to success faster than what it is if I am going to stick with the traditional and boring pen and paper style of presentation. So I thought that the most logical, stylish and innovative thing to do is to acquire a tablet. So I was in the market for a new tablet or what I generically call as iPad heck I even call other manafacturer’s tablet products as iPad even though it was manufactured by Samsung (you know what I am trying to get at right? It’s like calling Close-up toothpaste as Colgate. You get the drift don’t you?) Anyway I looked around online and I got into LazadaPH .

But to give you an idea in terms of my know how about these things, I never had an experience using a tablet, as I never owned one previously plus add to the fact that I never even had any online shopping experience. That is not saying that I am technologically antiquated it is just that I am not into fancy expensive gadgets and online shopping was not really my thing until just recently when I was looking around for a new tablet that I am going to be utilizing to make my job a whole lot easier. As a first time online shopper, my first concern was delivery. I was particularly worried about not receiving the item that I ordered. Overall my hesitation was coming from the question of Lazada’s reliability. Given those thoughts, I did not jump the gun right away in making a purchase. I tried to do some background research through the Internet by checking out reviews, reading the FAQ section and calling the customer service hotline with my questions.

I have gone through different online shopping discussion forums and blogs and I was glad that around 80 to 90% of customer feedbacks are positive ones. I particularly checked out the user comments that involve delivery reliability, billing and payment and overall trustworthiness of the company and website in general. I also called the customer service hotline just to check on the responsiveness of their customer service personnel on the phone. The excellent customer service I received from the very competent representative further sealed the deal and confirmed that the company is indeed reliable. My background research did not end on that aspect though as I also got around asking my friends, associates, co-workers, relatives and all the people I know if they have had an experience buying anything from Lazada Online Store and what they think of their reliability. The results of my inquiry parallels the results I got from online reviews it was still 80% to 90% positive feedback from actual


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