Lazada changed the face of local e-commerce

Game changer2

Internet connectivity has a very strong impact Filipino shopper’s shopping habits. The number of shoppers who are getting into online shopping are increasing in epic numbers on a daily basis. Thanks to newcomers in the online retail business like Lazada PH their arrival has increased the awareness of people regarding the convenience and viability of this type of online shopping. This era is definitely the zenith or the focal point of local e-commerce. For more than a decade, the usual way to do online shopping is by getting on auction websites like,,, as well as the now defunct (a social networking website that was turned into an independent online seller’s haven). These websites does not really sell anything in particular but what they do is provide a medium for online sellers and buyers alike to do transactions and sell their goods and merchandise comparable to a flea market or a Sunday weekend bazaar at a local park. The idea of a website that is directly selling goods and products was unheard of in the Philippines for a long time. Probably because it was not that much feasible based on the perspective of the average local Filipino shopper because of the requirements being asked before they can purchase anything off those online retail stores. The primary hindrance was of course the payment method available which is the credit card payment.

However when Lazada Online Store came along, things started to pick up and people started noticing the benefits of online retail style of shopping. The company made online shopping a lot more accessible for ordinary non-credit card holding Filipino online shoppers by introducing a payment method that is not only convenient but also takes away the need for online shoppers to sign up and acquire a credit card which is a pretty huge improvement in terms of the accessibility of online shopping for the ordinary online shopper. That payment method that made online shopping accessible for most Filipinos is of course the cash on delivery payment system. This payment method is easily the best contribution that the company has made to local e-commerce. Now more people are enjoying online shopping because of it due to the lesser perceived risk involved. Another positive effect of the company to local e-commerce is the healthy competition that it instilled in the scene. The coming of the Philippines online shopping mall has spurred small businesses to step their game up lest they lose customers to Lazada. This kind of healthy competition can benefit end customers in the long run. That is because it simply makes sense that the quality of customer service, the quality of products and services will increase if all the companies are all trying to bring their A-game to the table. That in turn will provide more quality options for online shoppers and will result to more online shopping enjoyment, more value for their money and increased overall quality of life. It definitely changed the face of local e-commerce.



LazadaPH TVC


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